Review Policy

This is a blog, not a business, so my review policy is pretty general and subject to change depending on my available time, so you won't find a detailed multi-point list of requirements. Publishers and authors are welcome to send review copies or ARCs of new or soon to be released titles. Contact me.

What I Do Review:
  1. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy.
  2. Novels preferred. Anthologies welcome.
  3. Hard copies only. I am not an ebook booster I am afraid.
  4. Reviews posted as time permits. Links will be provided to reviews once posted. 
  5. ALL books received will be featured with a promo regardless of whether they are reviewed.
What I DO NOT Review:
  1. Ebook only formats, short stories or short story collections.
  2. Self-published, vanity press or really off the beaten path publishers. I know you need a boost but you probably also need an agent and editor. I simply do not have the time to go down this path.
Blog Tours & Guest Appearances:

If you are interested in having participate in a blog tour or do a guest appearance as part of a new book release, please contact me. A review can be tied into the event.
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