Review Policy

This is a blog, not a business, so my review policy is pretty general and subject to change depending on my available time, so you won't find a detailed multi-point list of requirements. Publishers and authors are welcome to send review copies or ARCs of new or soon to be released titles. Contact me.

What I Do Review:
  1. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy.
  2. Novels preferred. Anthologies also welcomed.
  3. Hard copies preferred.
  4. Reviews posted as time permits. Links will be provided to reviews once posted. 
  5. ALL books received will be featured with a timely promo regardless of when they are reviewed.
Self-Published Author Reviews:
  1. The face of traditional publishing is changing. The growth of self-published works has been exponential and astronomical. While it isn't necessary to have an agent and publisher, standards should be maintained. I am happy to review self-published books provided they have been vetted by a professional editor/service and proofreader.
  2. Ebook formats are fine. Please include a full description and details about the book with your request.
Blog Tours and Guest Appearances:

If you are interested in having participate in a blog tour or do a guest appearance as part of a new book release, please contact me. A review can be tied into the event.
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