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Like most readers I appreciate a good book cover and smile at the conceits and trends that they can engender. All in good fun. Enjoy these SciFiGuy produced videos. If you have an idea for a fun Urban Fantasy or Paranormal themed video, please feel free to leave a comment.

The Original Urban Fantasy Book Cover Parade

A Tribute to the Saint Germaine Chronicles
series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Vampire and Hunters in Black Leather Boots, Oh My!
(Produced for Vampire Wire)


  1. Great work Doug! Love the videos. The inks are my favorite. I noticed the trend a while back and created a post dedicated to the ink. Many of them started to blend together in my mind, but the Briggs covers are my favorite!

    1. Thanks Ellie. Just done for fun. Yes the Briggs covers are standouts. Since the original video cover art has kind of standardized into several "categories" of covers which are almost a brand.

    2. yeah, i must confess nice videos

  2. I love these videos! I have to say the Mortal Path covers fit right in--somewhere. From the back, tattoo, corset, cool weapons, boots. Missing the moon, though. So many categories, they're a category of their own.

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