Thursday, September 3, 2015

Graphic Novel Review - Tabatha by Neil Gibson

Tabatha (Nov 2015) 140 pages.
Luke works as a mailman in Los Angeles and moonlights as a thief - the empty houses on his postal route are rich, easy pickings for him and his friends. Everything goes as planned until one house turns out to not quite be so empty. The situation spirals out of control, leaving the happy-go-lucky thieves battling for their lives. And all because of Tabatha.

Tabatha is a work of contemporary horror and the macabre. It collects the four issues of the original serialized story. The description above doesn't do the novel justice as the core of the story is well-crafted portrayal of a modern day monster (the serial killer) who has a suitably deranged pathology. Both the writer (Neil Gibson) and the artist (Caspar Wijngaard) have fun with it. The evil dude has an interesting collection of movie props and I am sure there are a few in-jokes buried there.

The artwork panels have plenty of variety to keep you engaged and it is easy to fly through the story. I find it hard to judge at times when creators are being retro or just a little off the mark. So my only quibble may itself be off the mark and that is that the women are a little too objectified and the guys too chauvinistic. Seemed too much like a standard trope.

The packaging of the series is well done with some nice bonus content at the end including original issue cover art and alternative designs. Based on my reading of Tabatha I'd read more from this team and recommend it if you like the macabre and don't mind a little gore.



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  4. This is NOT a comic for children. Older teens and adults only. Very mature subject manner and violence and gore. While there is no sex there is a sex doll and mention of sex acts. If you don't mind blood and gore with minor sexual themes then you should really check this out!

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