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SF Convention Blast from the Past #3 - Noreascon 2 (38th Worldcon)

Noreascon 2 in Boston in 1980 was my second Worldcon after Iguanacon in Phoenix (1978).  As usual it was held close to the Labour Day weekend from August 29-September 1.

The Guests of Honour were Damon Knight & Kate Wilhelm and the Fan Guest of Honour was Bruce Pelz. The toastmaster was Robert Silverberg. According to the recorded stats 5850 fans attended that year making it the largest Worldcon up to that point and in actual fact since then only 7 Worldcons have exceeded that size.
Cover of program book
As a fan, reader and avid book collector, the sheer numbers of authors was almost overwhelming and the opportunity to meet and speak with them was exciting. The collection of photos below is just a few of  those that I met and chased to sign their books (I think I took two full cartons of books to the convention with me and was always dragging around a bag of books in the hopes of running into a  favourite author). Looking back now it was a veritable who's who of talent.


Alan Dean Foster
Barry N. Malzberg
Ben Bova
C.J. Cherryh
Charles N. Brown, Editor of Locus Magazine
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Donald A. Wolheim (DAW Books)

Donald Kingsbury
Gordon R. Dickson
Gregory Benford
Issac Asimov
Jack Chalker
Jack Dann
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
James Gunn
James P. Hogan
Stanley Schmidt
Jane Yolen
Jeffery A. Carver
Jerry Pournelle
Jo Clayton
Joan D. Vinge
L. Sprague de Camp

Larry Niven
Linda Bushyager
Marta Randall
Octavia Butler
Orson Scott Card
Phyllis Eisenstein
R.A. Lafferty
John Morressy
Samuel R. Delaney
Suzy McKee Charnas
Tanith Lee
Victor Milan
Vonda N. McIntyre
William Rotsler
Alfred Bester
Frederick Mayer-staff-Sharon Webb
Hal Clement
Ian Summers and Wayne Barlowe
Janet E. Morris
John Maddox Roberts
Thomas Monteleone and Thomas Disch


The 1980 Hugo Award Statuettes
Isaac Asimov accepting Hugo Award for ? from Robert Silverberg
Isaac Asimov giving Robert Silverberg a kiss. For the life of me I cannot remember the context of why this happened
Issac Asimov waving aloha and exiting stage right. What a showman.
Barry Longyear accepting best Novella award for "Enemy Mine" from Damon Knight.
He also received the Campbell Award.
A very young looking George R.R. Martin accepting best Novelette award for "Sandkings" from Samuel Delaney. He also received the best Short Story award for "The Way of Cross and Dragon".
Charles N. Brown (editor) receiving award for best Fanzine for Locus Magazine. Jan Howard Finder at right.
George Scithers receiving best Professional Editor award from Gordon R Dickson.
Michael Whelan receiving best Professional Artist award from fellow artist Kelley Freas.
? receiving ? award from Harlan Ellison
Jay Kay Kline (fan photographer) with Forrest J. Ackerman. No recollection of what the award is but I suspect Jay Kay was accepting it on behalf of someone.
Robert Silverberg presenting Lou Tabakow with the Big Heart Award
Ian Ballantine.presenting a Hugo but for what category and to whom I don`t know.
Who and which Hugo I have no idea

Fred Pohl with Lester del Rey. Again unsure what this non-Hugo award was for.
Alexis Gilliland receiving best Fan Artist award.
Guest of Honour Kate Wilhelm

Panel: The Futurians - Who They Were and What They've Become
L to R: Isaac Asimov,Virginia Kidd, Damon Knight, Terry Carr and Frederik Pohl

L to R: Samuel Delaney, Jerry Jacks, Norman Spinrad, Frank M. Robinson, staff

Panel: Out of the Petri Dish - Building Cultures
L to R: Joan D. Vinge, Octavia Butler, C.J. Cherryh, David Hartwell, Alan Dean Foster,Vonda McIntyre, Philip Jose Farmer

The Convention Floor

Out and About in Boston


  1. This was so much fun to see. Way before my time :-) but wow, amazing authors.

    1. Thanks Sandy. Have a few more of these convention blasts to post. Sadly so many of them have passed since the early eighties.

  2. Thanks for posting that sweet photo of me -- I had nearly forgotten my hair was every brown... janet (e) morris


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