Sunday, August 9, 2015

SF Convention Blast from the Past #2 - ConFusion 1981

ConFusion 1981 or as it was properly called The Nine Billion Names of ConFusion was held in Plymouth Michigan in January. Rather than the usual Con 2, Con 3 etc., a unique name was appended to the ConFusion moniker each year. I always found these conventions laid back, warm and welcoming. Programming  was always interesting with a decent dealers room, art show and more.

The pro guest of honour that year was Barry B. Longyear (John W. Campbell, Hugo and Nebula award winner) which many may know of as the author whose short story Enemy Mine was made into a rather terrible film (don't hold that against him). The story had won the Hugo Award for Best Novella the previous year.
Cover of the program book

Inside cover of the program book
Barry Longyear autographing my books
Barry giving GOH speech
Toastmaster Gay Haldeman. Barry Longyear in foreground.
Also in attendance Gay's author husband Joe Haldeman of The Forever War fame not to mention recipient of just about every award available to an SFF writer
Author Wilson "Bob" Tucker (left), Gay Haldeman (top) and Nancy Tucker
SF fan and collector Rusty Hevelin. Rusty passed in 2011.
Computer Room at the convention. Everything in this pic is a museum piece now.


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