Friday, August 21, 2015

Sasquan Worldcon Web Highlights

Here are some highlights of activities at Sasquan the world science fiction convention from around the web for those unable to attend (like myself).

Flickr has a compilation of convention photos using the sasquan tag and can be found here.

Follow Hugo award-winning fan Mike Glyer's coverage at File 770 or fan and convention organizer Kevin Standlee's journal here.

And don't miss the live coverage of the Hugo Award ceremonies at 8pm pacific time on Saturday broadcast live at UStream.

George RR Martin at Auntie's Bookstore booth. Geekwire story on how HBO may conclude Game of Thrones before he does.
Connie Willis and Robert Silverberg. Taken by Alvaro Zino-Amaro
Design of the coveted 2015 Hugo award.
International Space Station astronaut Dr. Kell Lindgren's welcome to Sasquan. I love that he is a science fiction geek.

A walk through the exhibits and dealers' room areas of Sasquan.


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