Friday, January 11, 2013

New SF Series Coming in April - Defiance

I came across this trailer the other day for a new science fiction TV series called Defiance debuting in April this year from the SyFy channel. The visuals look interesting and I hope the writing will hold up unlike last years big budget Terra Nova that devolved into the Jurassic Swiss Family Robinson. Defiance is filmed here in Scarborough (Toronto). Feels a bit like an SF Western.





  1. I'm looking forward to trying out Defiance, also. I tried Terra Firma - the first episode was great. The second one was okay. Then I became extremely bored with the show and forgot to watch it.

    I've been trying to catch Continuom (probably spelled it wrong) on SyFy. It's pretty good, but I'm wondering if it'll stay good. :)

    1. Hi Mardel

      Good to hear from you. Honestly I've not heard of Terra Firma - will have to look that up. I've seen all the trailers and behind the scenes vids of Defiance and am optimistic. They seem to be heavily committed. Continuum played up here last year on Canadian cable before going to SyFy. Unfortunately they are on a tight budget, the special effects/SF elements are minimal which if we are realistic makes it pretty much just a police procedural. Some good ideas but not enough to make it a must see.

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