Sunday, February 19, 2012

Popcorn Sofa

Another Sunday and a few genre movie trailers to mention and some forthcoming TV highlights.

The world has moved on and so have the Black Hats and other types of bad guys. Nazi's are old news or are they? Have a look at this ludicrous but totally entertaining trailer for Iron Sky, a reboot of the Nazi menace coming April 4. Looks like it has the same not too serious tone as Mars, Attacks!

As Buffy rolls her eyes and polishes her nails we have the trailer for the oh so serious Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter due to hit the silver screen June 22.

This may be old news for some but in late fall a couple of popular book series were picked up for development. Deadline Hollywood reports -
At the CW, Carol Mendelsohn Prods is behind Unearthly, a supernatural drama based on the book by Cynthia Hand and written by Hellcats creator Kevin Murphy, and The Hollows, based on the book series by Kim Harrison and penned by Jordan Hawley (Smallville).
Also debuting March 1 as a mid-season replacement is Awake, the story of a detective who has been in a car accident with his wife and son. He now wakes up one morning to a reality in which only his wife survived and the next day awakes to a reality in which only his son survived. He has different partners in each reality and different psychologists. A terrific cast and fascinating premise.


  1. I'm not sure if I want to watch those movies (although ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER has names associated with it that have me more interested than I expected to be), but I REALLY want to watch AWAKE!

    1. Yeah the Lincoln movie is directed by Tim Burton which if nothing else will make it quirky. Awake has tremendous possibilities for non-traditional police procedural stories. Really have great expectations for it. Hope they don't dumb it down.


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