Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference | March 7-11

Are you a book blogger? Want to be a book blogger? Want to have some fun with the book blogging community? Then consider participating in the 2012 Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. Lots to learn, good people and some free books to boot. There are dozens of interesting panels to choose from and many excellent professional guests and experienced bloggers. I've had the pleasure of being on panels in past years and also as a regular joe. Trust me it is a good time and well worth the registration fee.

Here is a summary of the agenda for the 5 days of events. For complete details click on the graphic or follow the links.

Wednesday – March 7th

12:00 pm EST  _________ Opening Announcements
12:30 pm EST  _________ Netgalley and Bloggers
01:30 pm EST  _________ Where Review Copies Come From
03:00 pm EST _________  Working with Groups of Self-published
08:00 pm EST _________  Legal Issues Facing Bloggers

Thursday – March 8th

12:00 pm EST  _________ Opening Announcements
12:30 pm EST  _________ Working with Authors
02:00 pm EST _________  The Creative Process for Authors and
03:30 pm EST _________  Category Romance
04:40 pm EST _________  GLBT in Publishing
06:00 pm EST _________  Publishing: The Options Available to
08:00 pm EST _________  What Authors Look for in Reviews
09:00 pm EST _________  Authors as Reviewers

Friday – March 9th

10:30 am EST ________ Opening Announcements
11:00 am EST ________ Working with Large Publishers
12:30 pm EST ________ Working with Private PR Companies
02:00 pm EST ________ Publisher Expectations
03:00 pm EST ________ Genre Diversity – Look Outside your
                                             Comfort Zone
04:30 pm EST ________ Reviews: Publisher Input
05:30 pm EST ________ Sell yourself to Publishers/PR Companies /
                                             Authors as a Professional Blogger
07:30 pm EST ________ Creative Content: Stand Out
09:00 pm EST ________ Closing Discussion

Saturday – March 10th

11:00 am EST  _______ Morning Announcements
11:30 am EST  _______ Defining your Blog – Make it what you want
01:00 pm EST _______  Keeping Social Media Social – Kristen Lamb
02:30 pm EST _______  Young Adult Feature
05:00 pm EST _______  Content Discussion
06:00 pm EST _______  Review Guidelines
07:00 pm EST _______  To Review of Not to Review Self-Pub
08:30 pm EST _______  Negative Reviews: Fallout and Fears

Sunday – March 11th

Panels – Time Management – Online Organization Specialist – Writers Block: Creativity Coach

Covers: How Important are They? – Graphic Novels: Reading and Reviewing – Meet Your Local Book Store – Blogger Manifesto 2012

Confirmed Speakers:

Sue Grimshaw - Random House Publishing Group
Jennifer Bonnell - Penguin YA Editor
Lindsey Rudnickas – Netgalley
Kristen Lamb – WANA Consulting
Don Dauria - Samhain Publishing
Kate Lied – Bloomsbury Publishing
Ariel Tachna – Dreamspinner Press
Danielle Poiesz – Book Country


  1. Thanks for the mention Doug!
    We desperately want you on panels again... I dropped you an email too. With everything changing in publishing since we started the conference it is mind blowing.

    Oh and the full announcement is not up yet, but we were doing online safety as part of the BBPOC, but I got a speaker so amazing that I have taken it out and will be setting a time the week after Conference.

    She specializes in all the things we should be doing and are probably not. I thought it was so important for everyone to learn that it is open to all outside the conference. If you do not attend the BBPOC though we are asking for a $5 donation.

    So excited to be working in publishing these days!
    Terry Kate
    Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

    1. Hey Terry, I would be happy to participate. It's always enjoyable and I see a whole new raft of topics this year I am anxious to attend. Look forward to reconnecting with you and my fellow bloggers. See you there.


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