Monday, March 21, 2011

Winners - by Linda Roertson


My apologies for disappearing into the blogging mist and being absent these past 6 weeks or so, but I shall be resuming again this week and to begin I have two winners to announce from last months Arcane Circle giveaway from the Linda Robertson guest post.

And the winners are #45 and #47 :
Penelope Bullock
J Magnus

I will email all winners, but if you see this post before your receive your notification by all means send me your shipping information to scifiguy(at)


  1. I just visited your blog this AM wondering where in the world you went. I hope you are doing well, we really miss you.

  2. Good to hear from you! We know we take too much of your time, so we'll understand if you cut back on your posting. Besides, you make the rest of us look shabby when you're so prolific and organized. Remember that incompetence and negligence are essential qualities in civilized behavior.

  3. Elie. Thanks I missed me too:) Was in a bit of a blogging burnout and recharging the old batteries.

    Marta. A pleasure as always. I agree that perfection is over-rated and it doesn't provide many laughs.

  4. I've missed you and your forthcoming book lists. I hope you've enjoyed your time away and had a chance to recharge your batteries.

  5. Grats to the winners...

    AND *sigh of relief* so glad you're back Doug! I was just checking the blog this weekend to see what was new (been doing a bit of post-surgery catching up in the blogoverse) and saw you'd been absent.

    Burnout gets us all. Glad you're recharged. I miss your monthly release lists. I know they're an insane amount of work but yours are THE best. :D

  6. Thanks Sarah, I do believe I am recharged :) I'm a SciFiGuyNiCad

    Rhianna thanks for the support. I plan to resume the lists for April releases.

  7. You have been missed!!! Glad that you're back :)


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