Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Author – Linda Robertson

It is my special pleasure to have urban fantasy author Linda Robertson visit today with a guest post and news about her terrific Persephone Alcmedi series. The newest book, Arcane Circle has recently hit the shelves and I will be giving away two copies to some lucky readers (details at the end of the post. If you have questions or comments for Linda, please do.

You will also find an excerpt from Fatal Circle after the post.

Welcome Linda !

Hello to all you SciFiGuy Fans!

I’m here, technically, as promo for my books so let’s get the perfunctory plugging out of the way, shall we? I write the Persephone Alcmedi books for Pocket. They are about a girl-next-door witch discovering she has this huge destiny that directly affects the witches, vampires, werewolves and humans. VICIOUS CIRCLE, HALLOWED CIRCLE, FATAL CIRCLE and ARCANE CIRCLE are available now, and the fifth, WICKED CIRCLE is set for release January 2012. An as yet untitled sixth installment will come after that. I’d like to do nine books in all.

vicious cover smallThe people that Persephone needs, and those she protects, those she stands up for, and those who fight with her are more than people…they become family. She could not pursue her destiny without her friends. Some reviewers have said the books are a “family of choice” story. That’s my basic sum-up, and on that note, I'll continue.

Personally, maybe it’s the whole valentine season thing making me mushy, or maybe it’s the overarching friendship theme in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that I recently re-watched start to finish, or maybe I was programmed by all the lovey-dovey pinks and reds in the aisles of the stores lately, but I’m thinking about the people I care about, the family of friends surrounding me. Like Persephone, because of them, I'm better and stronger.

Some are in other cities and send silliness in the mail, some are local and we gather to mock the product of a Hollywood from before the days when film-making was a science. I am SOOO grateful for it all. Friendships are invaluable! It would be too easy to corral myself behind the desk (because I love what I do!) and work and work and work until I've lost sight of the important things and forgotten that time off for laughter is essential. But taking that time off to experience the laughter and the friendship means I go back to the desk fresh and ready to write.

hallowed cover smallSo if I may take the liberty here, I’m giving a rockin’ shout out to my friends, my real friends, true and loyal and fun. YOU ROCK!

If you’re reading this, whether I know you or not—you know who your real friends are…the people who lift you up, who accept you without expectations or conditions. I challenge you to do something that applauds and honors that friendship today! You--and they--will be stronger for it!

Also, I'd like to express my thanks to Doug for graciously hosting me here on SciFiGuy today. You rock too!

* * * * *
fatal cover smallBefore I’d finished the coffee, Johnny returned. He entered by the front door, passed through the living room and dining room, checking on the gathered witches and inquiring if they’d had enough to eat. They claimed they had and complimented him on his culinary skills. Someone remarked, “Your pancakes are as fluffy as a cloud.”
“Well, you would know,” he replied, “flying around on brooms like you do.”

He came into the kitchen and, seeing Nana and me, wagged the empty platters and whispered, “They didn’t leave a crumb,” before stacking them in the sink. “I thought only wæres and teenage boys had claim to the appetite crown, but damn, those seven little old ladies can chow down!”
“There’s still coffee.” I lifted the carafe again.
He took it and poured himself a cup. Derisively, he asked, “So what are we going to do about the corpse in your cellar?”
“Corpse?” Nana echoed, voice hollow.
“He means Menessos.”
“He’s here?”
“Yes.” The chatter in the other room had stopped. Xerxadrea appeared in the doorway. “You must make Menessos tell you the truth.”
“Finally!” Johnny exclaimed.
“Huh?” I asked.
“I’m not the only one who thinks Menessos is a liar.” Johnny grinned over the edge of his mug.
“Do not add implications to my words, young man,” Xerxadrea snapped. “I insinuated nothing of the sort.” Though her patriotic velour jog suit was quirky, her formidability was undeniable. “Menessos is many things,” she went on, her voice firm but without the condemnation. “He embodies things you fear, things you envy, and things you cannot comprehend, but he is not a liar.” Before Johnny could protest, she raised a hand and added, “Oh, you can argue he twists facts to suit himself, but what he truly does is so much more than that. He can instantly take all the information he’s acquired and accurately discern which words—and what order—will produce the best advantage for his purposes.”
“My bad,” Johnny muttered. “He’s not a liar, he’s a manipulating ass.”
Again, I couldn’t intervene because Xerxadrea was quicker. “Omitting the unaccommodating words doesn’t make him a liar or an ass. It makes him a master.” She pointed at Johnny. “Perhaps you would learn a few things if you would but try to see beyond your own conflict, and see his.”
Johnny’s silence couldn’t disguise the fact that he resented her scolding. It was conveyed in his raised chin and rigid spine.
Xerxadrea continued. “His perception has been transformed by eons of blood. He has worn the fabric of this world for so long it’s threadbare and holds no mysteries for him now. He has mastered the patterns. Whatever moment in time you’re bitterly clinging to and trying to alter . . . it’s merely a thread to him. He can sever it as easily as he can fray it into a hellish and frantic existence for you. Or he can reweave that thread, making those seconds produce an outcome to fit the necessary and inevitable truth he uniquely sees, and it is that truth of which I spoke.” She gestured to me, and held out her arm. “Take me to him, Persephone. We must speak with him privately, you and I.”
* * * * *

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