Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Walking Dead Television Premiere

I've been long awaiting the premiere of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead on AMC. I watched it live on Halloween night - or rather, I watched a whole lot of commercials, and watched The Walking Dead in between them. Seriously - it's been a long time since I've watched the premiere of a show live on TV, but I don't remember having to sit through so many commercials. This is one of the many reasons I prefer to stick to Netflix or various other forms of online streaming to watch my TV. But I suppose all that is beside the point, as the show looks promising.

There were a few added scenes, some of which I thought were a little unnecessary, and some of which filled in a little bit of background on the characters and seemed to work. Of the unnecessary bits, the worst was a strange scene when Rick is in his coma, and Shane comes to see him with some flowers from the police station. We're seeing it from Rick's point of view, as if we are in the hospital bed looking up at a visitor. Shane is talking to Rick, and they do this blurry, delayed vision effect with the camera that just comes off as cheesy. There are a few discrepancies with the graphic novel that bugged me, as well, but I won't go into those as it would probably give too much away and make me seem a little nit-picky. I tend to get that way about details when I'm watching a concept go from a book to the screen - but so much of what makes a story and a character special is in the details.

For the most part the story seems to be progressing as it does in the novel, and I must say that visually it is pretty amazing. Most of the zombies are very realistic looking - realistic when it comes to zombies meaning that they look like a real corpse would look, whether or not it's actually walking or crawling or just standing there groaning - they look pretty darn dead. And smelly. There were a few zombies in the crowd that looked kind of lazy - just kind of pale and ambling with a listless stare, with no visual signs of being bitten or bloody. But I suppose not all zombies, at least right away, look as if they're falling apart or like they've been through a struggle. I mean, every zombie has to start somewhere.

As far as the actors go, the characters that we've met so far seem pretty by the book. I'm not sure how I feel about Rick yet, as there were a few emotional scenes where I felt he could have brought a little more to the table. However, it is only the first episode, and as with any series it could take a few episodes before the actors really get comfortable with their characters and start to shine.
So, I will definitely be following this show (hopefully with less commercials the next time around). It's going to be hard to fill the shoes lefts by the likes of True Blood and Mad Men, but I think The Walking Dead has a shot at it, although the shoes might be a bit bloody by the time Sookie Stackhouse and Don Draper are ready to get them back. Although I suppose Sookie is used to that kind of thing by now.

Catch The Walking Dead on AMC, Sundays at 10pm eastern, U.S

Did you catch the premiere? Let me know what you thought and if you plan on watching the series! Also, more zombies on the horizon as I'll be reviewing Ben Tripp's Rise Again in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. One of the things I most liked about the movie was that the survivors actually show some empathy towards the zombies and not just horror. I also liked the subtle progression from traditional zombie movie soundtrack and look to something modern and different by the final scene. It gets a two thumbs up from me.

  2. Yes! The great thing about this series is that we are constantly reminded that these were human beings, with lives and people who loved them. It puts a much more horrifying feeling over the story than just the traditional fear and gore. I agree on the soundtrack- great choices there.

  3. I enjoyed the first episode of The Walking Dead. I would have liked it even better if I had not read the comics, because it was such a faithful adaptation that it almost felt like I was reading the comics again. That being said; AMC has spent its money well, as the production value is high and the actors are all good so far. Still, as you mentioned, they are taking some liberties with the original story and I for one hope that they do more than add some additional dialogue or arty scenes. I’d like them to extend the action scenes and delve more into the large scale drama. A good example of this is the final shot where the camera pulls back from above the tank to a long shot from the top of the building, showing hundreds of zombies inhabiting the devastated city of Atlanta. That was impressive!

  4. I thought it was an impressive first episode. My hubby even liked it and he doesn't like stuff like that. And I agree the final scene with the overhead shot was awesome.

  5. I really liked the pilot.
    It was great and I loved the sense of mystery it added with the protagonist being in a coma at the time of the great breakout, so we don;t know exactly how it started!.
    I loved the pace of it and it was kinda creepy!

    But one thing that bugged me and it's kinda small I guess, but it still bugged me, is that he woke up from a coma and apparently the hospital was already deserted, why didn;t he have a beard?
    I mean did the nurses really find the time to shave him like every other day?
    I mean wth? He should be like Tom Hanks in the Castaway film! lol

  6. very exciting TV show , but i m not satisfied by the ending.The worst part began after the terminus episode until the end


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