Monday, November 15, 2010

Contest Winners!

The Winners for our Star Wars Millenium Falcon YT-1300: A 3D Owner's Guide Contest are three lucky readers of the blog! This book is an awesome addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. Congratulations to all of you!

JennyJ wrote: "That book looks amazing!

Let's see... my favorite of the movies would have to be Return of the Jedi. There's such a fantastic blend of humor and drama--I love the Ewoks, I love the happy ending, I love the *music*.

Why Star Wars in general? I suppose you're looking for a deeper answer than "young Harrison Ford kicking butt in space" so I'll go with the adventure, the romance, and the Ewoks. :)"

baileythebookworm wrote: "I'm going to have to say Empire Strikes Back as well (hivemind). But I love all of them. I love Star Wars because of the culture it created, its huge following of contentious nerdy fans (nerds are sexy) and also ohmigod lightsabers. (Another good Star Wars movie is Fanboys.)"

Anonymous wrote: "Sweet..I love, love, love ROTJ. I have a soft spot for Han Solo. :)

This was one of the first movies my dad took me to see at the theater when I was a kid. I still love watching it now with my two kids."

Thanks for participating in the contest everyone! It's great to see so many original Star Wars fans out there!

The Winner for our Mercury Falls contest is very lucky - this is a great book to read. If you missed the review, you can catch it here.

Our winner is Michael Provost, who wrote: "This book sounds fantastic! Nothing better than humour in sci-fi!"

Thanks for all the participation. I hope the rest of you go out and get this book, it's an awesome read.

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