Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winners - Casa Dracula Giveaway with Marta Acosta

I have selected the winners of the Haunted Honeymoon and Casa Dracula 3-book prize pack giveaway with Marta Acosta using the randomizer and the winners are:

For the signed copy of Haunted Honeymoon the winner is -
  • Michelle & Richard who said... Marta Acosta, I have to say that this series is the funniest vampire books I have read to that and my life is richer since I came across your books. I love Milagros's personality. She is hilarious and so sassy! Book 3, The Bride of Casa Dracula was extra special for me because of it dealing with Milagro giving up her U.S. citizenship. I never really though about what a big deal that would be until I read this book. I am a Panamanian American. I think you wrote her SO right!

For the 3 book Casa Dracula series prize pack the winner is -
  • dor who said... I would love to win the pack of the first three books, so I know where I am when I buy the fourth. I deserve to win them because I am,
    1. adorable
    2. cute
    3. sweet
    4. precious and
    5. sensational and I love your blog.
LOL I especially like the last one.

For the 3 book prize, qualified entries had to suggest a title for a hypothetical fifth book, write a Casa Dracula Haiku, explain why you deserve the books or write a honeymoon themed poem. I thought all of the entries were fun, creative and interesting and I present them here for you now to enjoy. Congratulations everyone!

Casa Dracula Book 5 Titles:
  • Nine Months Later at Casa Dracula
  • Mischief and Mayhem at Casa Dracula
  • The Return of Milagro
  • Baby Days at Casa Dracula(lets hope the honeymoon was productive!)
  • Vamps in the Cradle
  • Sleepless Days at Casa Dracula
  • The Return to Casa Dracula
  • Baby Fang at Casa Dracula
  • Hauntingly Ever After
  • Fangs for the Memories
  • Anniversary with a Bite

Casa Dracula Haiku:

Haiku Ode to Milagro:
It’s hard to focus
On writing, when the world’s full
Of fabulous men

Eyes piercing my soul
Love, lust, passion, no control
My heart beats no more

Toast, love, wedding ring,
Bedroom, flowers, passion, wow,
Making love, how fun!

What was I thinking?
Small coffin, No Bath, No Bed!
No man is worth this!

Love burst, suddenly, fast,
We breath each other deeply,
Smell, savor, enjoy.

Casa Dracula
oh the blood does flows nicely
there's happiness found

A cruise would be great.
But too much sunlight spoils that…
Honeymoon in tomb!

Honeymoon Themed Poems:
Vampires on a honeymoon,
Eager for nightlife.
Eating blood jello by the spoon
Passion as sharp as a knife.

They crave to be together,
Their desire makes them feel,
As light as a feather.
But they know, what will seal the deal.

With a kiss and a wink,
They are off for the hunt.
Awe, blood to drink,
As they slurp with a grunt.
So the honeymoon's done,
Just a start to the fun,
The next book will maybe..
have a bloodthirsty baby.

Who knew they could breed?
How scary to breastfeed,
An infant with fangs,
Oh, the agony, dang!


  1. Congratulations to Michelle & Richard and Dor! SciFi Guy, thanks for running the contest and interview, and now that it's over we can return to our usual bitter competition for blog supremacy.

  2. Thanks so much. Congrats to the other fine winners. Not sure if I email you my info. or wait for an email. Hmmm

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  3. Congrats winners!

    *sitting back waiting for blog supremacy rematch to begin*

    Dottie :)

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