Saturday, October 23, 2010

Todays UF Report Will Be Posted Later This Afternoon

Still working on this weeks Urban Fantasy Weekend Report, so while you are waiting (you are waiting aren't you?) have a look at this great video of Stephen Fry sticking a pin in the language police.

You might also enjoy this one [via SF Signal]


  1. The Stephen Frye video is absolutely FANTASTIC!How deliciously spoken... thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Hehe, did you mean to say that I announced my third book was on target to be released in July 2011? :)

    Glad to have these round-ups back, Doug!


  3. Juliana Fry is an amazing man and that is such a clever video...

    Nikki-ann creative stuff - I love it too.

    Jess how did you know what I was thinking? I obviously haven't learned to finish my sentences. LOL. Fixed now...

  4. Love the Weekend reports! When will the winner of Afterlife be announced?

  5. Leslee thanks for reminding me, meant to do that this morning. I'll post that this evening.

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