Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stephen King on Sons of Anarchy

While watching episode three of this seasons Sons of Anarchy on television, I was surprised to see Stephen King in a cameo role as a "cleaner" (euphemism for someone that disposes of bodies). The characters name was "Bachman". I have to say he was extra creepy. Here's a video interview of Stephen about his role on the show.


  1. OMG, I didn't realize it was him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, for pointing it out to us!
    My brother is gonna die when I tell him! lol

  2. Didn't he used to make cameos in some of the movies made from his books as well? I think Maximun Overdrive was one for sure ;-)

  3. When he first came on screen I was like 'Is that.... no that's not Stephen it?' Haha, it was just as you'd expect. Creepy and interesting.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  4. I was sooo going to blog about it after I saw that ep! But it gets over at midnight and I completely forgot the next morning. Whoops! Thanks for reminding me Doug.

    I must agree... he was extra creepy but it was so amusing because there wasn't any mention of him guesting beforehand. It took me a minute of thinking 'boy that guy looks like Stephen King' before I caught on it WAS him. :) I thought perhaps since Ron Perlman has been in a couple of films based off his books he may have had some influence.

  5. yllektra I love those moments when a cameo surprises me.

    Cheryl I think he was in most of his movies but this is the first I think that he has appeared in someone else's work.

    Stephanie I thought he was very good in the role. No disrespect to Stephen but he looks naturally creepy.

    Rhianna yeah I had to share. The other neat thing was that his character name was Bachman which of course was the pen name he wrote under in the 80's.


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