Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cover Art Coincidence?

Change the color, fiddle with the hair, adjust the dress and voila ! Anyone else seen any covers lately that are clones?

childrenofscarabaeus kittredge


  1. Are those both Chris McGrath covers? All his art is starting to look the same to me anyway...

  2. I think TJ may be right. I can think of at least one McGrath cover that features the guy in a sideways post like that.

  3. TJ I am pretty sure they are both McGrath, he has a very distinctive style but I still love the detail of his paintings. Many other artists tend to blur or wash out the fine details. Chris doesn't. Looking at his website and portfolio I suspect he uses the same models frequently.

    SQT his portfolio shows many very similar but then think of the Harry Dresden covers that are also McGrath's. Harry is in very similar poses but that's the bran for Harry.

  4. Haha, they look so similar it's embarrassing! :P

  5. yllektra I didn't check to see if the books were from the same publisher which WOULD make it especially embarrassing but if they are different publishers how would they know?

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