Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cover Art - "Children of Scarabaeus" by Sara Creasy

Another fine cover by artist Chris McGrath was showcased by Sara Creasy for Children of Scarabaeus, the followup to her science fiction romance novel Song of Scarabaeus. Releasing March/April 2011.
No synopsis available.
Trained since childhood in advanced biocyph seed technology by the all-powerful Crib empire, Edie's mission is to terraform alien worlds while her masters bleed the outlawed Fringe populations dry. When renegade mercenaries kidnap Edie, she's not entirely sure it's a bad thing . . . until they leash her to a bodyguard, Finn—a former freedom fighter-turned-slave, beaten down but never broken. If Edie strays from Finn's side, he dies. If she doesn't cooperate, the pirates will kill them both.

But Edie's abilities far surpass anything her enemies imagine. And now, with Finn as her only ally as the merciless Crib closes in, she'll have to prove it or die on the site of her only failure . . . a world called Scarabaeus.


  1. I recall I made fun of the first cover back when it came out, but I'm eating all of my words because it is a TERRIFIC science fiction romance. I loved it, and I'm glad to see that the cover for book two is much better. I will read it without a doubt.

  2. Rebecca I have not read it but a good SFR would be a treat. I'll have to see what you were poking at about the first cover.


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