Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cover Art - "Blood Work" by Kim Harrision

Kim Harrison on her blog today revealed the very nifty cover for the forthcoming Hollows graphic novel - Blood Work.  I usually don't keep up with graphic novels but a new story from the Hollows? Oh yes! Now is that Ivy or Rachel? Kim Harrison says -
The first Hollows graphic novel is due out July 12, 2011, and I finally have a cover to show you!  If you’ve not heard, this takes place in the golden year where Ivy and Rachel work together at the I.S.  Rachel is the intern, but you can imagine she’s not taking a back seat to her vampire partner.  This was done from Ivy’s point of view, and since Kisten was still alive during this time, we get to see him.  In a tub, no less.


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