Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anticipated Science Fiction Movie - Skyline

I am really looking forward to Skyline next month (November 12). It looks kick-ass and stars Eric Balfour who currently appears in the supernatural series Haven. How does this one look to you?


  1. Eh. Evil aliens taking over the world don't do anything for me. I'd like to see movies where the aliens have more depth than Destroy! Conquer! Enslave!

  2. I saw a trailer earlier today at "Let me in" and the movie looks incredible. I can't wait until I get the chance to watch it.

  3. Alex SFX keep getting better but it looks like it might have a decent story too.

    Sandy I liked District 9 which I found thoughtful but I think there is room for both types of films.

    Shainer yeah I think this one needs to be seen on the big screen. I assume you saw the American remake of Let Me In. How was it?

  4. Just saw the trailer for this the other day. It seems exciting! But trailers are sooo deceiving these days. But definitely want to see it.

  5. OMG it looks awesome!
    what the blue light does to the ace and eyes is so creepy!
    Woot, I didn't know this was coming out, it seems terrific and I have a crush on Eric! :P

  6. Kmont you are so right about trailers, they have become an art form in themselves. Some trailers once you've seen them you've seen the movie. Some trailers make a bad movie look very good. SOme are totally misleading. I recall the trailer for that Will Smith movie, whose title I can't recall, where he was the drunk superhero, only he wasn't. The movie turned out to be about two immortals, living and losing each other across time. Totally different theme. The trailer played it for the yucks.

    Yllektra LOL if you like Eric I hope you have been watching Haven.

  7. Oh, I sure have and the finale left me like this: o_0 lol


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