Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Blood Season Closer Poll

Do you watch True Blood? Did you see the season finale? Take the poll on the sidebar. Will you be watching season 4?


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be tuning in next year when Season Four rolls around. Can't help myself! So curious about what changes Ball will make to Harris' original story line, especially surrounding Sookie's Fae heritage.

  2. I missed the Prairie Farm Report for that boring as hell season finale.

  3. The finale was pretty poopy. I'll be tuning in for season four but man was that a lame finale. :(

  4. I will certainly watch S4, but as Jess said above, I wanted more from the finale. :(

  5. I gave up on this show 4-5 episodes into this season. The show became all about how bloody/gory/disgusting the director could make it.

  6. Don't watch TruBlood, but I've heard mixed things. Don't know if I want to start watching it yet though.

  7. Doug, thanks for linking through to my Ultimate Hawt Vampire Poll, the results of which were scientifically tabulated at the Vampire Research Laboratories in Geneva. I still feel that is is the most extensive and exhausting survey done on the topic, although I may have to update it with all the new vamps coming out of the coffin.

  8. Yeah, that finale was not good... nor was Tara's new haircut.

  9. Donna I mostly watch now for the shock factor, to see how outrageous Ball can be. It has departed so far from the books that there is little similarity left except for the names. SPOILER - the Sookie of the books would never be mean-spirited enough to spray a vampire with silver and laugh about it.

    Sean my condolences. You may have been better off.

    Jess couldn't agree more. Don't know what is beyond lame but there should be a name for it.

    Maria it really was a hodgepodge with no real center, or theme. More of a transition to next season.

    Sandy like I said to an earlier commenter, the shows seem mostly designed for the shock factor. There is is little integrity left of the original books.

    Brystearns you can always rent the DVDs cheap...

    Marta you been sampling the "V" again? Having visions? My not your poll. Hah!

    Danielle I like the new haircut more than the character. I would love to see her depart Bon Temps. Everything about her is so overipe emo.

  10. I actually enjoyed the season finale, although that might be beacause I haven't read much of the books. The finale didn't have a huge cliffhanger like the previous two did, but I did like the strings that were left untied -a good segway into the next season I think.


    I'm so glad Bill and Sookie broke up - to me they are far more emo than Tara has ever been. Yeah, I wish Tara would get over her "omg I'm so messed up" state of mind, but what I liked about this episode is that she finally seems like she has. I hope we do see her come back to Bon Temps, with that cute haircut and a new, more empowered attitude.

    I am *so excited about the possibility that Lafayette has some supernatural abilities - I love him and it would be a neat direction to take his character.

    It sucks that there's so many months before we'll see more TruBlood. I'm suprised so many of you thought it was a lame finale, but like I said I haven't read the books and it seems like most of you have, so maybe that's the difference.

  11. Hi Doug and Lisa!

    Well, season 3 finale, what can I say? It was..... not what I expected. Not in the least. I was left scratching my head, it was a total departure from what the entire season. Most of the show, was a WTF for me, lol!


    What was it with Sookie vanishing into thin air with the Fae! I have to say, I still love LaFayette (who didn't make pass the second book) and I hope that when Tara drove off, she just keeps going and going!
    The new do was the positive. At first, I liked the difference in Tara's character, maybe next season, she'll grow up. I didn't like the laughing Sookie, it was more like a demented Sookie, lol.

    End of Spoiler

    I will be tuning in for season 4 because

    1. I guess I'm masochistic.
    2. I freaking can't help myself.
    3. An undying love for the storyline.
    4. Alan Ball freaks me out.

    LOL! I can't wait to see what happens with Sookie next. I'm actually enjoying this reboot of the books, it's such a far departure from the original storyline, and I have to say it makes the store feel at least fresh. I can truthfully say there is nothing else like it. And I'll have to keep watching to see if it will continue to appeal next season.

    Dottie :)

  12. I'm a huge fan of the book series, so I have a hard time with all the changes made in the tv series. I agree with other commenters that Sookie would never have been so mean (in regard to Russell & Talbot).

    This finale to me was not a finale at all, since nothing was really finalized. It was all left up in the air. I know they need to do that to make people want to come back for more, but to me it was frustrating. It felt like a mid-season episode.

    That said, I know I'll be watching season 4, since I can't seem to stop watching. The show will never be as good as the books for me. It's too bad, since I'd love for season 4 to follow book 4, and Sookie to find a naked amnesiac Eric on the road, and to take him home, and fall for him.


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