Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie Review - Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

Resident Evil Afterlife was my first movie to be seen in 3D this year (no I haven't seen Avatar in 3D yet). It adds a little bit of extra spice do an otherwise standard popcorn movie. Some of the 3D scenes were excellent, in particular the landscape scenes and character closeups, the rest were mostly cheesy. Of course this is a zombie movie so a lot can be forgiven. Lots of great visuals. Milla Jovovich continues strongly as Alice although she is not the ingenue she used to be. lots of excuses for blowing and shooting things up.

The audience was a pretty even mix of couples which surprised me, figuring this for more of a guy flick. There was a lot of comments about the on-screen action from the ladies. Plotting wasn't much but the action was fun and the set designs were creative and interesting. Was the 3D worth the extra 3 bucks? Not really. If you've been following the series, this one is a cut above the previous film.

My favourite scene was the battle between the giant and the two women. Well conceived choreography and 3D effects. Resident Evil Afterlife 3D is not a must-see but not a waste either. Enjoy.

Do you have a favourite Milla Jovovich film (mine remains 5th Element)? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I'll see pretty much anything with Milla in it, but I'm with you: The Fifth Element is my favorite. I'd rank it as my favorite SF film of all time!

  2. LOL think is "afterlife" and not apocalypse, i think you made that mistake a several times in the text.

  3. Alice is a badass. I am renting all of them to make my hubby watch and we are going to see this one. I hate wearing the 3D glasses though.

  4. The Fifth Element is my favorite, but I love the Resident Evil movies, too -- and I'll go see just about any movie because Milla is in it. Not all of them have been good, and a few so bad that the badness is entertaining (I'm looking at you, Ultraviolet), but I've always enjoyed her onscreen.

  5. I love Milla in general, but, The Fifth Element is definitely my favorite of her movies, and also in my top 3 all time favorites!

  6. My son wants to see this one at the theater. However, I'm not so sure I want to :).

  7. Wendy 5th Element is certainly in my top 10 SF films. I love the opera sequence.

    Noxus yep you're right! Thanks for the heads up. You'd think I'd have noticed with the image of the poster...

    Tiah you need to MAKE your hubby watch? LOL. I already wear glasses but these 3D ones are big and easy to wear.

    Meljean have to agree on Ultraviolet. My second fav of Milla's is Joan of Arc.

    Sunny we share good taste :)

    Amy it is gloriously violent so if that is not your thing...

  8. That is one of my concerns. I watched part of the first one and I remember it was more than I like. And then my son is only 11, don't think it would be the most appropriate movie to take him to. I really don't think he would enjoy it as much as he thinks he would. He's at that age where he wants to be all grown up, and thinks he can handle a movie like that without getting scared. He thinks it would be cool to watch it with one of his buddies. However, I don't think their parents would be too happy if I took them to see it :). I think I'll pass and he can just watch it when it comes out on DVD!

  9. I enjoyed this movie too. It's a good turn-off-your-brain-don't-over-think-it movie. My only pet peeve about the movie was that Alice and Clair were too made's the end of the world, they should at least appear as if they aren't wearing lipstick!

    And definitely love The 5th Element, although UltraViolet has really grown on me as well

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