Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've been doing some reviews for kind of sporadically for the last few months. It's been awesome, and it looks like I'll be hopping on board to tackle fantasy and science fiction reviews and giveaways. I'm really excited and really honored to be working with Doug, and I hope that you readers and bloggers will enjoy my reviews and whatever other exciting projects I decide to do for the blog.

My name is Lisa, and I've been writing since I was very little. My grandparents always thought I'd be a journalist, but I was never much for that kind of writing - I guess my imagination just couldn't handle having to be so...unbiased. I've dabbled in every kind of writing I could find to experiment with, from poetry to lyric essays to short stories and even several attempts at novels (I always get stuck somewhere in the middle...). I've always loved critiquing the work of other writers - writing workshops were always my favorite classes in college. This kind of thing leads naturally to the reviewing of books, which I'm admittedly still new at. Sometimes it's hard to stop trying to write an essay about a particular aspect of the book I find intriguing. But I think I'm getting the hang of it, and thanks to I'm getting plenty of practice.

When I majored in Creative Writing and Literature in college, I guess I never really had a plan as to what I would do afterward. I was never deluded enough to believe that I would write a bestseller out of college - I suppose that I thought I'd land a job somewhere and write the bestseller in my spare time. Well, it doesn't work like that either. Life takes you places you can't predict. However, I'll never regret the training I've had - to read and write critically, to understand what makes a story so compelling that it can stir the imagination and the heart. I think I like speculative fiction so much because, when done well, these stories transport my mind away from the architecture of the writing and bring me into their worlds so deeply, that I don't see syntax and grammar and plot structure anymore. I see the beauty of the story - and that is really the mark of great writing.

I look forward to reading and writing for this blog, as well as getting to know you, my fellow readers and writers and fans. I'll be posting an exciting review of Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall's book Night of the Living Trekkies today, which will be followed by a giveaway contest! Speaking of zombies, if you haven't yet seen the previews for The Walking Dead on AMC, which premieres in October, check it out:

I plan on doing a series of reviews on the graphic novel that this is based on leading up to its premiere.


  1. Hi Lisa, glad you will be reviewing on SciFi. I look forward to your reviews.

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Long time stalker over here at SciFiGuy. Glad to see you here. Seeing how scifi is a favorite, along with fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, I'll be stopping by to check out your reviews.

    Hi Doug! Hope you're doing great!

    Dottie :)

  3. Thanks to both of you for the warm welcome!

  4. I especially wanted to welcome Lisa, the newest member of the crew. Like everyone in our community she is a passionate reader and fan of speculative fiction.

    Hey Dottie, I am and thanks for asking.

  5. Hi Lisa! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/reviews!


  6. Welcome, Lisa!

    I just started following this blog, though I usually read it on Google Reader. But I wanted to stop in and say, howdy.


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