Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cover Art - "Unseen World" by Sean Cummings

Sean Cummings proudly showed me the new cover to the reissue of his first urban fantasy book Unseen World. The artist Anna Torborg. is the same as did the covers for Shade Fright and Funeral Pallor. The reissue comes out from Snow Books in January. I love the look which to me reflects the 50's drive-in movie monster posters. You can find out more on Sean's website.
Marshall Conrad's superpowers could save the world...if he ever figures out how to use them.

There's talk of a serial killer terrorizing the good people of Greenfield. Finding him should be easy for a guy with superpowers, but it's not that simple: Flying's not all it's cracked up to be, and this particular villain seems immune to Marshall's tricks.

Marshall's only helpers are an overweight shopkeeping witch, an old Siamese cat, and a hard drinking senior citizen who can lift automobiles. A crazy cast of corrupt cops, Ogres and other Netherworld surprises is all par for the course when you have to save a city from a baneful and simmering evil about to be unleashed.


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