Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pictorial Update to My Library

 While I was on holidays a week ago, my son and his girlfriend Lisa Hurley (who is also the newest blogger and reviewer here at were visiting from Florida and helped me finally organize my upstairs Uurban Fantasy /Paranormal Romance library. Of course that is not entirely accurate as I have a couple of bookcases dedicated to Fantasy and Science Fiction as well. So here are the pictorial results. Enjoy.

Do you have bookshelf pictures to share? Feel free to comment and leave a link.

There are seven bookcases in the bookroom ( a converted bedroom), three with UF/PNR that I have read, one SF bookcase half read and half unread, one bookcase of TBR UF/PNR and two cases of Fantasy both read and TBR. Here are some shots of the UF/PNR TBR bookcase.
Here are the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal books (paperbacks only) that have been read. The bookcases  require two pictures each to show all the shelves. Here is bookcase 1 ...
And here is bookcase 2. Anthologies and related magazines are on the bottom shelf...
The third Urban Fantasy bookcase is filled with hardcovers and trade paperbacks. Note the overabundance of Laurell K. Hamilton on the top shelf (paperbacks) and the third shelf.
Here is the Science Fiction case (more recent acquisitions not filed in the main SF&F Library in the basement). The top two shelves are read and the bottom two shelves are TBR.
This first bookcase is Fantasy books that have been read and the top two shelves of the second case as well. The bottom 4 shelves of Fantasy bookcase 2 are TBR.
Fantasy bookcase 2...
And finally just a few general shots of the UF bookroom.
You can view a Pictorial Review of my full SF&F library here.


  1. I absolutely LOVED perusing your shelves. Honestly, I think I would pay just to visit these books! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Look at these gorgeous and abundant books! Omg, so many. It must feel great to have them all organized. And, I love the random little creatures. LOL.

  3. :::gulp:: I am overwhelmed with jealousy - I can't wait to live in a place where I will get to have a library like that!

  4. WOW!!! WOW!!! That's a lot of good times reading there:D

  5. OMG! Look at all those pretty books! LOVE IT!
    Feel free to share some of those with me! LOL

    Here is a link to my library post:

  6. I'm at a loss for words! So many wonderful books, and all organized too. I can only hope that after this moving gig is done I can make my shelves half as tidy.

    Thank you for sharing:)

  7. YOWZAH!!! My dream shelves, full and legible. I could find everything if my shelves looked like yours and had as many as you. I'll take some pics and link here. My shelves are wonderfully full and woefully out of any kind of order.

  8. I haz such a jealous! I'm coming over to sniff all your books.

  9. The room looks great! That was a day of work well spent. Is it bad that the thing I miss most about Canada is your book collection?

  10. While I am jealous of your many books, I feel a little bit better about the size of my TBR pile! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. what a great library! I especially love that you call it the UF room - I wish I had a room only for books - sigh, one day when I have my dream house.....

  12. Can I just say GAH!?
    Seriously. I'd be drolling for theses bookshelves filled with books. My dream come true.
    So lucky!

  13. This post is a thing of beauty. It should be linked to that unearthly music that played when Wayne from Waynes World kneeled in front of his excalibur, the coveted electric guitar.

    I've just had the family argument of "you have too many books!!!! Why dont you give some of them away." I didnt even try to explain.

    I have mine stacked in guilty piles on their sides, 3 deep. I dream of one day having them all laid out according to genre etc.

    One day..............


  14. I see several favorites, several I own, and I want to read probably half of these still. Nice bookshelves!

  15. I am seriously drowning in a puddle of drool here. Wow how I love the pics. I've been trying to find a cheap but sturdy book shelf myself without luck. My books are currently in boxes :( In the mean time I'll enjoy your pic's. Awesome

  16. Oh my, oh my! I am seriously in love with your collection! And it's so organized, too. Love it!

  17. Hi Doug!

    And my husband thought I had a lot of books, (I'm forwarding the images to his email, lol!), gee, I'd like to just come and browse (and maybe steel) a few of those books!! LOL

    Not that my house has room for another book. On the bright side, my local library has saved a ton of money!!

    Dottie :)

  18. My jealousy.

    You haz it.


    P.S. Welcome back, Doug!

  19. Sorry folks I responded to all of these the other day but it didn't take! Dang.

    Kay Tours are free!

    Carolyn I need more creatures, some stuffed werewolves and some vampire statuary would complete the look...

    Brizmus I waited a long while as well but it is worth when you finally have the space.

    Novels On the Run yep, lots of good friends. And many left for retirement... some day.

    Amy your library is no slouch either with some very nice titles.

    Hey Anna look forward to your pics after you get organized.

    Heather I never get tired of reading nor of just standing there and looking :)

    Tiah we share the love...

    Vickie look forward to the pics. Love your avatar BTW.

    KB nothing like the smell of a good tome in the morning!

    Lisa hah! Of course. My collections is one of the many wonders of Canada or is it that they wonder about me? Thanks for all your help. Great visit and I look forward to your initial post here at the blog partner.

    GB a large TBR is something most readers have in common.

    Thanks mummazappa it's worth waiting for and very satisfying...

    Ana if you come to see the library you'll have to wear a bib :)

    Darlyn for me a very close approximation.

    Stevie maybe I should have that tune playing in the background but I love the imagery of it...

    Thanks Ladytink...

    Jessica another bib user? LOL. Try making some bookcases like the post design in my pics. Easy to make, move and disassemble.

    kay we share the love. Alphabetizing is a quirk of mine....

    Dottie I'll have you know I have werewolf ninjas guarding the door :) Please don't send hubby after me.

    Thanks Jess. Glad to be back. As you can see I am getting organized.

  20. After 35 years my house is empty of kids--(one 35-one 28-one 21. My final child got her first apartment this year at college and will no longer be considering mom & dads her home base. So before anything can change, two bedrooms are going to library/offices for me & hubby. With bunny paper scrapped off the wall and new paper & paint in mine I'm about ready to start my search for bookcases that will hold my hordes of books. My husband is an excellent woodworker and thanks to you I've found a style I want. Love the ones that look like they are simply braces and shelves, simple and roomy. Thank you so much. Now I can show hubby what I want (cause I suck try to describe it).

  21. O_o

    Wow....that's amazing. I want to have a home library like that when I grow up!

  22. Impressive. Most impressive.

    In fact, I'm quite jealous. All you need now is some vaulted ceilings, a skylight, and one of those movable ladders to peruse the stacks.

  23. Lisa R I am glad you find the shelf design useful. I admit it is the simplest design I have ever come across. Easy to make and deploy and real wood looks so nice... I also had to remove dinosaurs and stars from the ceiling...

    Jen D. I susupect you've done all the growing you are going to but your library on the other hand....

    Hey Keith the rich guys do that. I'd rather spend the money on books rather than architecture but it does sound appealing.

  24. OMG! I am beyond jealous! It's like a library where every book is a MUST READ!! or have read! LOL!

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