Friday, May 7, 2010

Contest Winners!

Tracy Cooper-Posey Giveaway
The winner of a copy of Eva's Last Dance (ebook) is:
  • Robin K who said...I think that creatures should be hidden with just a few select groups knowing about them. If there are not hidden I think the book turns a bit toward Science Fiction and less Urban Fantasy. Not that Science Fiction is bad :) It is just a different genre.

Michael J. Sullivan Giveaway
The winner of a copy of The Emerald Storm is:
  • Christine H who said... I personally haven't read this series. But I'm entering for a friend that does. Please enter me.

The Cosa Nostradamus Spotlight & Giveaway
The winner of a complete set of the Retrievers books  by Laura Anne Gilman (6 in all) is:
  • heatwave16 who said...I think that Burning Bridges is my favorite. With the electricity coming from her hand and heading towards the bridge, it makes me feel like a big showdown is coming next. Looks like a fabulous series.

Many thanks to Michael J. Sullivan, Tracy Cooper-Posey and Laura Anne Gilman for their time and giveaway donations.


  1. Wow! Thank you and congrats to all the winners.

    Here is my email address:
    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

  2. Hey Doug

    I have given you an award - Your blog is so much fun to read and often introduces me to new writers (big thanks for Marta Acosta!!!)

  3. Hey Doug!
    Just stopping by to say hi.


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