Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review - "The Heart of Fairie Oracle" by Brian & Wendy Froud

Description: From the renowned team of Brian and Wendy Froud comes a delightful and spiritual guide that offer believers a chance to connect with and experience the love and wisdom that comes from the hearts of faeries. The Heart of the Faerie Oracle box set includes 68 oracle cards, illustrated by Brian Froud. The accompanying book provides detailed instructions reading the cards and for the believer to relate to the Faerie World and learn valuable relationship information.

Readers have the opportunity to consult with the magical world of Faerie and gain useful knowledge that can enhance their own intimate relationships. Using the deck of oracle cards, believers conduct readings to interpret the cards and build a special connection with the faeries.
I love it when a book or concept works on multiple levels. This fascinating offering from the Froud's brilliantly showcases the artwork of Faerie by long-time illustrator Brian Froud in a gorgeous deck of oracle cards. If for no other reason, that is an excellent reason to get The Heart of Faerie Oracle.The cards are a guide for 'believers' to conduct readings to interpret and gain insight into their personal relationships through consulting with the magical world of Faerie.

Wendy Froud has written a companion guide explaining how to use the cards and devoting a page for each card in the deck with ideas on how it can be interpreted.  The cards are separated into sets including the Fairie Queen's, The Queen's Consorts, The Archetypes, Sprites, the Ladies, Tricksters and The Journey. Those familiar with tarot decks should be right at home. The companion guide is also filled with dozens of additional line drawings of Faeries.

""To believe in fairies is to step into an enchanted space where the rational mind needs the irrational heart, and all things become possible."

Whether you are a believer or not, The Heart of Faerie Oracle is a beautifully constructed package with hours of reading and art to peruse. Those willing to take the time to learn and interpret the deck are sure to have additional hours of enjoyment.

The Heart of Faerie Oracle was released March 1 and is perfect for lovers of fantasy art, tarot readers and a great gift idea too.You can learn more about Brian Froud at his website.

About the Authors:

Brian Froud is an illustrator, author, film designer, and faery authority. In addition to Faeries, his books include Lady Cottington's Pressed Faery Book, with Monty Python's Terry Jones, Good Faeries / Bad Faeries, and The Faeries' Oracle. He also served as the conceptual designer on two of Jim Henson's films, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Wendy Froud, has been a doll maker since the age of five. She worked as a sculptor and puppet builder for Jim Henson for many years, sculpting the characters “Jen” and “Kira” for The Dark Crystal and fabricating “Yoda” for The Empire Strikes Back. Wendy’s dolls and figures are highly sought after and are in many prestigious collections around the world. Brian and Wendy live in Devon, England.1


  1. I love stuff like this, thank you for posting it. I just found what I want for my birthday!

  2. I love the pressed fairy books and of course the puppets that Wendy has created. I'm definately considering this as a purchase now that I know there is more to it than the cards which I wouldnt know what to do with.

  3. Tiah well let's hope you get your wish :) The art is lovely.

    Indeed they are NoV'al Publishing !

    MS Laura I've not seen Wendy's puppets but I am sure they must be very creative and original.


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