Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily Dose of Listening and Reading

Because time has been at a premium lately for posting reviews, I figured the least I could do is keep everyone up to date on what I'm reading and listening to. When I say listening I'm talking audio books. I always have a print book and an audio book on the go.

Right now I'm half way through an ARC of The Demon in Me by Michelle Rowen which is the first book of a new series called Living in Eden (coming May 4). I am fan of Michelle's light-hearted paranormals and this one is funny and fast-paced.

I am also listening to the audio book of Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead. The complexity of the character, the succubus Georgina fascinates and engages me. The narrator does a wonderful job performing the many characters and it is amazing how much audio brings Georgina to life.


For bloggers comments are like water to a man (or woman) wandering in the desert. A precious commodity. I love to hear from everyone and do my best to respond to every post.

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