Monday, April 19, 2010

Cover Art - "End of Days" by Max Turner

Here is the cover to End of Days by Max Turner, the followup to last years Night Runner. This vampire-themed young adult novel will be out in late September. The cover seems to be doing and Edward/Bella kind of thing wouldn't you say?
In this thrilling follow up to Night Runner, Zack Thomson is back with his friend Charlie, searching for answers all the while being hunted by a creature most deadly...

While Charlie struggles with his vampirism, he, Zack, and their friends are pulled into a conflict with the mysterious Mr. Hyde, a creature who hunts vampires. As the story unfolds, and the ties between Zach and his girlfriend Luna intensify, the network of support around them collapses, forcing them to redefine their notions of good and evil and find a way forward.


  1. My daughter loved Night Runner. Soon after finishing she made me scour the web for a sequel (this was months ago). She'll be more than pleased there's news. :)

    I agree with the Bella/Edward feel. Marketing at work?

  2. Amanda I was aware of Night Runner but haven't read any reviews. Sounds like it has a fan :) And yeah marketers just can't help themselves sometimes.

  3. This cover is flippin awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. It's pretty, but I don't like the fact that I can see up her nose.

  5. Eleni so you like it then? LOL.

    Princess Allie never thought of that but I do like the honesty of the cover in that it shows the characters with actual complexions. They didn't airbrush out the freckles and stuff.

  6. This Cover art isn't his finished cover, he even says so if you ask him on facebook....

  7. night runner was an awesome book and so is end of days! i loved them! <3


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