Monday, April 19, 2010

Cover Art - "Night Star" by Alyson Noel

Can't say whether this is final or not, but here is a cover for Night Star by Alyson Noel, the fifth book in her young adult Immortals series. The book isn't due for release until November. Caution, the blurb below may contain spoilers. Dark Flame, the fourth book comes out in June.

At the start of this mesmerizing new installment in the Immortals series Ever and Damen are still separated by the poison lingering in Damen’s body. Their only hope of being together is the antidote that was spilled on Jude’s shirt when he killed their enemy Roman. Now Haven is in possession of the shirt—and she’s out for revenge. Blinded by rage and grief, Haven— who blames Ever for killing Roman—could be Ever and Damen’s deadliest enemy yet. Ever is forced to make an impossible choice—allow Haven to destroy her and her dearest friends, or send her to the Shadowland, the abyss for lost souls.


  1. Hi Doug!

    Thanks for sharing this cover. I'm right in the middle of Shadowland, gearing up the release of Dark Flame. Riley's story comes out in August (Radiance), so can't wait to see where that story goes as well.

    Dottie :)

  2. Nice cover but I loathe this series.

  3. Dottie I have only read the first book so haven't gotten attached to the series yet.

    Jessica I went over to your blog and read your reviews. Thorough and honest. I like that. I like the way you break down your analysis. A lot of work that must be.

  4. Book coming out November 23, 2010. Mark your calenders!

  5. hey thanks for that release it was really helpful i am only 12 and i read all her books in a day each she is amazing and i think i am addicted to her books i have already ordered radiance and night star and i am so excited : ) so thank you

  6. This is the real cover. Alyson has it on her website:

    I also have and exclusive never before seen book that I got the link to by going to her website and clicking the circle that reads: sign up for a new short story.

    Here's the link instead of going through the trouble of signing up for it, then having to wait 24 hours to receive it:

    If you can't just click it as a link, copy and paste it onto your address bar. You can also read the excerpt to Radiance on the website. Enjoy!


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