Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Books Received - Fantasy Debuts

A couple of intriguing debut fantasy novels recently received from H.B. Fenn/Tor Books.

Spellwright by Blake Charlton
March 2, 2010
Imagine a world in which you could peel written words off a page and make them physically real. You might pick your teeth with a sentence fragment, protect yourself with defensive paragraphs, or thrust a sharply-worded sentence at an enemy’s throat.

Such a world is home to Nicodemus Weal, an apprentice at the wizardly academy of Starhaven. Because of how fast he can forge the magical runes that create spells, Nicodemus was thought to be the Halcyon, a powerful spellwright prophesied to prevent an event called the War of Disjunction, which would destroy all human language. There was only one problem: Nicodemus couldn’t spell.

Runes must be placed in the correct order to create a spell. Deviation results in a “misspell”—a flawed text that behaves in an erratic, sometimes lethal, manner. And Nicodemus has a disability, called cacography, that causes him to misspell texts simply by touching them.

Now twenty-five, Nicodemus lives in the aftermath of failing to fulfill prophecy. He finds solace only in reading knightly romances and in the teachings of Magister Shannon, an old blind wizard who’s left academic politics to care for Starhaven’s disabled students.

But when a powerful wizard is murdered with a misspell, Shannon and Nicodemus becomes the primary suspects. Proving their innocence becomes harder when the murderer begins killing male cacographers one by one…and all evidence suggests that Nicodemus will be next. Hunted by both investigators and a hidden killer, Shannon and Nicodemus must race to discover the truth about the murders, the nature of magic, and themselves.
BSC Review
Grasping for the Wind
Neth Space
Temple Library Reviews
Walker of Worlds

Shadow Prowler by Alexey Pehov
February 16, 2010
After centuries of calm, the Nameless One is stirring.

An army is gathering; thousands of giants, ogres, and other creatures are joining forces from all across the Desolate Lands, united, for the first time in history, under one, black banner. By the spring, or perhaps sooner, the Nameless One and his forces will be at the walls of the great city of Avendoom.

Unless Shadow Harold, master thief, can find some way to stop them.

Epic fantasy at its best, Shadow Prowler is the first in a trilogy that follows Shadow Harold on his quest for a magic Horn that will restore peace to the Kingdom of Siala. Harold will be accompanied on his quest by an Elfin princess, Miralissa, her elfin escort, and ten Wild Hearts, the most experienced and dangerous fighters in their world.and by the king's court jester (who may be more than he seems - or less).


  1. I read Spellwright last month, enjoyed it immensely. :) Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. Thank you for including the Book Love Affair review link. :)

  3. I like the sound of Spellwright. hope you enjoy it!

  4. Spellwright has a very unique style, enjoyable and thoughtful.

  5. Another Daydreamer it's getting tough to squeeze the fantasy in between the UF but I do hope to get to it.

    No problem TJ!

    Trillian It's on the TBR ready to go...

    bookpublishers that seems to be the consensus. I love it when a debut has such a positive reaction.

  6. I have Shadows Prowler on my shelf to read. I just had to pick it up. But, I also want Spellwright! It sounds like a great read.

  7. Melissa lots of good buzz for Spellwright. I need a reading vacation to get caught up!


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