Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winners - ARC of Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk

The great and powerful randomizer has spoken and the two winners of the ARCs of  Magic on the Shadows by Devon Monk are:
  • Alexis Pendragon who said...I love this book series and can't wait for the next one to come out. It would be awesome to get it ahead of time too! Some title ideas: Magic on the Wind and Magic in the Water
  • mundane who said...Magic up the wazoo? lol. That just begs for a joke short story. Perhaps a fantasy match up between Allie and Cedar. I am surprised that Zayvion was not planned from the start. While I think Allie is a great main character I absolutely love the supporting cast.Has the addition of characters like Zayvion or Shame (or even stone, yeah stone!) altered your thinking about the main story arc? Title suggestions Magic From/In the Pain and Magic Worth the Cost/Price.
This fourth book in the Allie Beckstrom series doesn't release until May so congratulations to the winners on their very early sneak peek!

Thanks to my terrific guest Devon Monk for agreeing to visit and making the ARCs available.

Magical Titles for a Magical Series
Commenter's were asked to suggest possible titles for future books in the series (my request by the way, not Devon's) and there were some really impressive recommndations. Here is the complete list. Do you have a favourite?
  • Magic After Hours
  • Magic Against the Odds
  • Magic Against the Wind
  • Magic as the Moon Rises
  • Magic at Midnight
  • Magic at the Door
  • Magic at the Threshold
  • Magic Bolts
  • Magic Curls Up on the Couch With a Book and Maybe a Spot of Tea & Some Knitting
  • Magic for All Time
  • Magic for the People
  • Magic from the Ground
  • Magic from the Heart
  • Magic from the Soul
  • Magic From/In the Pain
  • Magic in a Cup
  • Magic in All Hours
  • Magic in Madness
  • Magic in Mayhem
  • Magic in My Head
  • Magic in One Breath
  • Magic in the Air
  • Magic in the Aura
  • Magic in the Bed
  • Magic in the Dark
  • Magic in the Deep
  • Magic in the Depths
  • Magic in the Eyes
  • Magic in the Fire
  • Magic in the Genes
  • Magic in the House
  • Magic in the Instinct
  • Magic in the Lines
  • Magic in the Memories
  • Magic in the Memory
  • Magic in the Mind
  • Magic in the Mind
  • Magic in the Mist
  • Magic in the Moonlight

  • Magic in the Mountains
  • Magic in the Pain
  • Magic in the Park
  • Magic in the Rain
  • 'Magic in the Soul
  • Magic in the Stones
  • Magic in the Threshold
  • Magic in the Water
  • Magic in the Way
  • Magic is the Color
  • Magic is the Word
  • Magic Lives Here
  • Magic of Destiny
  • Magic of the Path
  • Magic of the Soul
  • Magic of the Windows of the Soul
  • Magic on the Brain
  • Magic on the Edge
  • Magic on the Flame
  • Magic on the Ground
  • Magic on the Hoof
  • Magic on the Rise
  • Magic on the Run
  • Magic on the Street
  • Magic on the Wind
  • Magic on/at the Edge
  • Magic Over the Rainbow
  • Magic Rising
  • Magic Surge
  • Magic Through My Heart
  • Magic Through the Lines
  • Magic to the Coil
  • Magic to the Core
  • Magic to the End
  • Magic Turned to Black
  • Magic Under Darkness
  • Magic Under the Moon
  • Magic Under the Skin
  • Magic Underwater
  • Magic Until the End
  • Magic Worth the Cost/Price
  • Meridian Magic

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