Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner - "Shade Fright" by Sean Cummings

The winner of a signed copy of Shade Fright by Sean Cummings from the interview and giveaway is -
  • Moonsanity who said... Hey Sean! I love Sum41 who are Canadian; at least the lead singer is, and my teens and I love their music. On writing; do you just go for it and start typing out the words or do you figure out the plot, outline it and then write?
Congratulations Moonsanity and thanks to everyone that participated and linked to the event.

For those still looking for an opportunity to win a copy of Sean's debut urban fantasy check out the following blogs that still have contests running -


  1. Woo-hoooo I am SO excited. I really wanted to read this and didn't want to wait til it came to one of the bookstores out in the boonies where I live:) Thanks to both of you for the contest!


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