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Urban Fantasy Weekend Report


Two terrific guests dropped by this week. I had interviews with Jeaniene Frost about her new release The First Drop of Crimson, the launch of a new Night Huntress universe series and Terry Spear to talk about werewolves and the release of The Legend of the White Wolf. Jeaniene has three signed copies of her book to giveaway and Terry also is offering a signed copy of her book. Giveaways end February 17 and February 22 respectively.

Giveaways ending soon include My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent and Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep.

On February 17 I have author Joe Nassise, a regular at the Genreality blog here to discuss his varied projects including his Hellstalker series, the most recent Rogue Angel novel and forthcoming urban fantasy series The Hunt Chronicles. On February 19 I have paranormal romance author Susan Blexrud back to celebrate the release of the print version of Love Fang.Be sure to drop by and chat.

 I've recently confirmed guest spots and interviews with Devon Monk to talk about (Magic on the Storm (Allie Beckstrom series) and Michelle Rowen with her forthcoming The Demon in Me (Living in Eden series). Remember to check my Author Events and Interviews schedule posted on my left sidebar for the most recent updates and appearances.


Starting with this week I am dropping some of the features to allow me to spend more time and better refine other areas of the Urban Fantasy Weekend Report. This effects the Interviews listing which I feel is compiled more thoroughly and comprehensively by other bloggers. For the best Interviews recap I am going to point you to Literary Escapism. Jackie publishes a great recap each week as part of her own news coverage of urban fantasy. This weeks list is here.

In the weird but good news category, Kelley Armstrong had this to say about the new Canadian releases of her Women of the Otherworld series -
The Globe & Mail has a weekly bestseller list for Canadian novels and Bitten has finally hit it...9 years after it was released.  So did 3 other of my books, which probably has something to do with the latest batch of new Canadian covers and a big $9.99 promo on all my books at Canada's big box bookstore chain, Chapters/Indigo.
Kelley is having a contest which ends Monday the 15th to celebrate the news.

Charlaine Harris is editing Crimes by Moonlight, a mystery anthology that also includes a Sookieverse story called "Dahlia Underground".

Jaye Wells if offering up free signed bookplates to readers that can't make her book signing appearances. Check her post for details.

Laura Anne Gilman has some terrific news for fans of her Cosa Nostradamus universe. Luna has bought three more books. Here is what Laura had to say -
Book #1 will be the fourth in the PSI series, (and yes, Wren & Sergei will be involved). Books #2 & #3... will take us in a slightly different direction, while staying within the world of the Cosa Nostradamus. We'll see more of the larger world, especially the fatae, through the eyes of a young and somewhat dangerous talent, and her guide and partner, Danny Hendrickson.. yes, Danny the PI, Danny the half-faun. Danny who started bitching about getting his own book and apparently gets what he wants. But he may have gotten more than he can handle, with this Talent, and the things she can find...
Sean Cummings has a list of his upcoming blog tour stops for the release of his urban fantasy Shade Fright with opportunities to win copies of the book.

Seanan McGuire announced a title change to the second book in her Newsflesh zombie series. Book 2 Blackout will now be called Deadline. The series includes Feed (May 2010), Deadline (May 2011) and Blackout (May 2012).

MaryJanice Davidson has completed Undead and Unfinished. Recent installments of the series have come out in hardcover and have had pretty slim page counts. The new book is over 100 manuscript pages longer than previous books in the series. Woot. More Queen Betsy to go around!

Jocelynn Drake takes on a tour of Atlanta to hotspots featured in her Dark Days series of novels and as research for the forthcoming Pray for Dawn.

Alyson Noel announced that the title for the fifth Immortals series book is Night Star and Rachel Vincent says that My Soul to Steal will be the title for the fourth Soul Screamers book.

Dorchester Publishing has a new initiative called the Publishers Pledge and is launching it with a slew of new urban fantasy and paranormal titles -
The first Publisher’s Pledge title will be Barbara Monajem’s Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil (April 2010), an erotically charged urban fantasy in the same vein as Charlaine Harris.  Additional titles include Elisabeth Naughton’s Marked (May 2010), a darkly sensual paranormal romance inspired by Greek mythology that will appeal to fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon; Christie Craig’s Shut Up and Kiss Me (June 2010), a delightfully quirky romantic mystery that will appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich; and Erin Kellison’s back-to-back debuts Shadow Bound (July 2010) and Shadow Fall (August 2010), the first two releases in a riveting post-apocalyptic series that fuses dark fantasy, science fiction, horror and romantic suspense.

Congratulations to Nalini Singh for placing #9 on the NYT bestseller list of Archangel's Kiss, Larissa Ione for a #20 for Ecstacy Unveiled. Laurell K. Hamilton's Flirt debuted at #3.

Diana Pharaoh Francis has the blurb for Crimson Wind, the sequel to Bitter Night with a revised release date of March 2011.
Max is a Shadowblade—a supernatural warrior created to serve and protect her witch, Giselle. She was made to kill and she’s very good at it. But there are some troubles you can’t solve with a gun and Max has run smack into one. Since the devastation of her covenstead four weeks ago and the revelation of the coming apocalypse, Max has been itching to bring her family back to the safety of Horngate. The only trouble is they think she was murdered thirty years ago, a belief Max has done everything in her power to cultivate. So she’s naturally a little worried about how they’ll feel when she tells them she’s alive and never bothered to get in touch. And oh by the way, mom and dad, she isn’t human anymore. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, the Guardians have made a major move in their war against humanity and now it’s a race to save her family before they are swallowed by a a blood storm of wild magic. That is, if Max can even get off the starting block. First she has to deal with an enraged wannabe lover who can destroy worlds, a pissed off mage, and a pig-headed witch.
Anne Rice is going to release a video book called  The Master of Rampling Gate, a previously published vampire story (1984). Loving True Blood in Dallas has the details on this Vook.

Maria V Snyder talks about her next book, Spy Glass and about who's inspired her characters and some of the research that she's done. [via SF Signal]. I'm looking forward to this installment of the Glass series.

Ilona Andrews has a fun Kate Daniels quiz posted. See how you do. Here are my results -

You are a mercenary of the Guild.  Life is hard, but you're harder.  You tend to look out for number one.  You risk your hide to provide for you and yours, you work hard, and you don't let anyone get the better of you.  When you take a job, you get it done, but you always keep your eyes on the prize and if it gets too nasty, you aren't above walking away from the whole thing. 

More about the Guild and other factions:

Which Faction do you belong to?


I am making a change to my contest coverage which more often than not duplicates efforts done better and more thoroughly by many of my fellow bloggers. For contests featuring urban fantasy and paranormal and related genre titles, Abigail at All Things Urban Fantasy is the benchmark and I will link you to her weekly Contest Roundup. I'll add anything unique that I come acoss.

All Things Urban Fantasy - List of 90 Urban Fantasy Giveaways


According to SciFi Wire Vin Diesel will be back for a third round as Riddick.

Detailed reviews of The Wolfman at SciFi Wire and at Tor.

A new traile for M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Some great visuals. I hope he is out of his lame story telling slump.


I came across these interesting werwolf anthologies. Full Moon City releasing in March is chock full of original werewolf stories by many SFF luminaries including a new Kitty Norville story by Carrie Vaughn. There is also Curse of the Full Moon coming in May. Looks like werewolves are making inroads on the vampires.

DANGER LURKS IN THE HEART OF THE CITY . . . BUT NOT ALWAYS WHERE YOU EXPECT IT. From New York to Los Angeles to Bucharest, fifteen never-before-published tales by some of the world’s finest fantasy and horror writers celebrate the newest incarnations of an age-old terror that strikes when the moon is full . . . the werewolf. No longer confined to the forests, these modern monsters can be found in places you frequent every day—and never before thought to fear.

CARRIE VAUGHN’s popular werewolf radio host Kitty Norville is drawn into a controversy as to whether it’s fair to ban lycanthropy from professional sports. New York’s famous Plaza Hotel is the setting for ESTHER M. FRIESNER’s tale of one very grisly little girl, while Beverly Hills may never quite recover from RON GOULART’s middle-aged Hollywood screenwriter who falls prey to a most unusual problem. Celebrated fantasy author PETER S. BEAGLE tells a chillingly lyrical story of three Louisiana loup garoux locked into a deadly dance of death. Plus many more biting tales from award-winning authors: HOLLY BLACK • P.D. CACEK • GREGORY FROST • TANITH LEE • HOLLY PHILLIPS • MIKE RESNICK • DARRELL SCHWEITZER • LISA TUTTLE • IAN WATSON • GENE WOLFE • CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO
Lock the doors, board the windows, grab your silver bullets — the full moon is rising. Combining human intelligence with animalistic desires, werewolves are the most dangerous (but also the most complex and conflicted) of the monsters that hunt us at night. The wide-ranging stories in Curse of the Full Moon explore all elements of these intriguing creatures, from violent nocturnal transformations to torturous efforts to survive on the fringes of society. Including flesh-tearing assaults, torrid love affairs, and cold-blooded retaliations, these blood-curdling tales present modern interpretations of the age-old battle between humans and monsters. In Curse of the Full Moon, the fur flies like never before as humans and werewolves hunt one another in desolate alleys, darkened bedrooms, and nightmarish backwoods. Along the way, the authors fully reveal these mysterious shape-shifters.

Includes stories by: Peter S. Beagle, Jonathan Carroll, Charles de Lint, Harlan Ellison, Barb Hendee, Joe R. Lansdale, Tanith Lee, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R.R. Martin, William Messner-Loebs, Michael Moorcock, Matt Venne and Gene Wolfe.
EOS Books is reissuing a werewolf novel I had not come across that was originally published nearly 20 years ago. Check out Wilderness by Dennis Danvers. Anyone read this one? Comments?

Publishers Weekly - Keeper of a terrible secret and resigned to a fate some might regard as worse than death, Alice White lives alone, has no friends and permits herself human contact only in the arms of men she picks up for one-night stands. Once a month, at the full moon, Alice locks herself inside her basement and turns into a wolf. In this riveting debut, Danvers gives suspension of disbelief a whole new meaning. Never for an instant does the reader doubt Alice's plight nor fail to empathize with her dilemma: Should she , for the first time in her life, risk loving someone enough to share the secret with him? She wants desperately to end her self-imposed isolation but fears the awful truth will drive Erik Summers away. Wildlife biologist Summers, a man with a keen sensitivity to the anmial world, seems the ideal counterpart for the troubled Alice. Complicating these already dark matters still further are Summer's ex-wife, who wants him back, and Alice's psychiatrist, who has fallen in love with her. Human complications notwithstanding, it is when we are with Alice the wolf--prowling her den, pawing the floor, confined, condemned, yet unmistakably alive--that this provocative novel is at its sensuous, page-turning best.


Dark Faerie Tales features abd interview with illustrator Keith Thompson (Scott Westerfield's Leviathan).

Bloody Bookaholic has a US versus UK cover feature. This week it is for the Suzanne Collin's books, Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Go state your thoughts.

Lurv a la Mode has a couple of great posts - one for fantasy lovers with covers and blurbs for some very interesting forthcoming titles and another on some interesting YA titles..

Stumbling Over Chaos has Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Ninth: Crouching Guy, Hidden Nature)

Michele Hauf posted the cover to The Bone Crusher her second novel in the Rogue Angel series coming in May.

Nalini Singh posted the cover for Bonds of Justice, the next Psy-Changeling novel releasing in July..
All Things Urban Fantasy [Via Literary Escapism] posted the version of the cover for Cheat the Grave by Vicki Pettersson, the fifth Signs of the Zodiac book. Literary Escapism has the covers for Cherie Priest's novella Clementine from Subterranean Press and Kresley Cole's Demon from the Dark.

And if you missed it elsewhere here is the cover for Monkingjay, the third and highly anticipated Hunger Games YA novel by Suzanne Collins.

Foreign Covers:
Alyson Noel has the French cover for Blue Moon. Richelle Mead has Korean editions of Vampire Academy and Frostbite and a Russian VA. Kim Harrison has a gorgoeus Chinese cover for Dead Witch Walking. Stacia Kane has the UK covers for her Downside series posted. Maggie Stiefvater has a host of covers from amny nations for Shiver and Ballad.

Cover art featured here this past week at included:


Rebecca of Dirty Sexy Books is guest blogging at Abigail's All Thing Urban Fantasy where she discusses Dark Urban Fantasy. Some terrific book recommnedations. Check it out.

Kate at Babbling About Books talks about the forthcoming Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb, the 30th title in the In Death series and the fascinating PR kits that have been sent out.

Claire Delacroix/Deborah Cooke and The Galaxy Express dive into the science or lack thereof  in Space Operas.

The final installment of the Zombies for Zombies videos has been released by David P. Murphy. I love these.

Carolyn Crane does a very funny debunking of myths about the authors in the League of Reluctant Adults.

Michele Hauf on VampChix profiles some classic vampire novels you may be unafamiliar with. I've added a couple to my TBB list.


Maggie Stiefvater + sharpie + guitar

Stacia Kane - wigs and glasses


  1. So. Much. Going. On. :) Thanks for the mention! And hey, some extra free reads - Meljean Brook posted her "In Sheep's Clothing" earlier today. Also, a number of the Samhain authors have Valentine's freebies available at the Samhellion authors blog, some of which are paranormals.

  2. Too much good stuff noted here to comment on. Thanks for another awesome UFWR Doug!

  3. Mwaahaa! Jackie's and my evil plot to slowly takeover your weekend report is finally taking shape...scratch that, I'm way too lazy. I'm all over the contests, but I'll leave all the other UF goodness to you :)

  4. Cool Chris thanks for including the links. I think I had Meljean's queued up for next weeks report.

    Thanks Sean ! Release date for Shade Fright is fast approaching :)

    Thanks Rhianna!

    Abigail hah! Actually it was my plot to convince you to do all the work for ME! LOL. It works out well. I can crosslink and everyone gets more visits. No point us all duplicating our efforts. Your contest lineup is awesome and Jackie is a whiz at the news too. She always finds more Interviews than I do.

  5. I read Wilderness when it came out 20 years ago (yikes that sounds like I am really old but I read it when I was about 15). Anyhoo, it was a good read, really well done. I would recommend it to anyone who likes werewolves.

  6. Thanks Leslee, I was hoping that it was a good read rather than the publisher cashing in on the current werewolf trend.

  7. Love the Weekend Report as always. You always find the things I miss. I so didn't know that the second Harrowgate novel had a blurb or a title. Can't wait for it!

    I didn't realize we were trying to take over the WER Abigail?! Must work harder. ;) I am so leaving the contests to Abigail, there's no way I'm adding another google alert to my inbox and she finds way more than I even thought were out there. :P


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