Saturday, February 6, 2010

Urban Fantasy Weekend Report


A couple of giveaways are still live including the Darkover novel Hastur Lord by Marion Zimmer Bradley and the young adult novel My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent. Jennifer Estep was my guest this week with an interview and a giveaway of Spider's Bite. Still plenty of time to comment and enter. SFF writer S. Andrew Swann also had a guest post this week here.
I have some new giveaways coming up shortly including Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb (I adore her intense fantasy series) and Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison.

Two delightful authors will be guesting this week beginning with Jeaniene Frost. We have an interview and giveaway celebrating the release of First Drop of Crimson starting Monday. Later in the week Terry Spear will be with us to talk paranormal romance and the release of Legend of the White Wolf.

In early March I have an interview with Nancy Kilpatrick, editor of the new all-Canadian vampire anthology Evolve. Check out the Profile post further down the report ofr lots of new information and the cover of this one-of-a-kind anthology.

I've confirmed some additional guests in future months including Erica Hayes (Shadowglass), Jessica Anderson (Demonkeepers) and Jaime Rush (Touching Darkness). Remember to check my Author Events and Interviews schedule posted on my left sidebar for the most recent updates.


Laura Anne Gilman said she is getting back into editing side of the business with this announcement in the past week -
It came: I've just accepted a freelance editorial position with Carina Press, working with Angela James.
Alyssa Day has had a makeover done to her website. The art and backgrounds are gorgeous. Check it out.

Book Trailer for Shadowglass by Erica Hayes, the second book in the Shadowfae Chronicles coming in March.

Dirty Sexy Books has found out that rhe fifth and final installment in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series is delayed until December 28, 2010! Literary Escapism has a ton of urban fantasy news, links, covers and more in her February Escapist Newsletter and mid-week update Of Covers and Words.

Alyson Noel reports that THE IMMORTALS Series has made the New York Times Children's Best Sellers list for its 52nd week straight. Amazing and congratulations Alyson!

Larissa Ione taks about her first sale over at Dear Author.

Lilith Saintcrow announced that Orbit Books will be bringing out all five Dante Valentine books in an omnibus, with an all-new cover, in March 2011.

Kelley Armstrong says there is a new website dedicated to her young adult Darkest Powers series.


All Things Urban Fantasy is the go to source for contest information with a List of 77 Urban Fantasy giveaways

  • Win a copy of Raven by Allison Van Diepen. Just email your name and contact info to with the subject line "RAVEN". Contest expires February 20th, 2010.
  • Win a copy of Fade, the second book in Lisa McMann's Wake trilog.To enter to win , just email your name and contact info to with the subject line "FADE". Contest expires February 15th, 2010.
The For What It's Worth blog is holding a charity auction to win SIGNED copies of books by various Paranormal/UF authors with all proceeds going to benefit Doctors Without Borders. BoAuthors and books include -
  • Ilona Andrews – “Magic Bites” and “On The Edge”
  • Cynthia Eden – “Eternal Hunter”
  • Angie Fox – “The Accidental Demon Slayer”, “The Dangerous Book Of Demon Slayers”, the just released “A Tale Of Two Demon Slayers”, and “My Zombie Valentine”
  • Jeaniene Frost – “Halfway To The Grave”, “One Foot In The Grave”, “At Grave’s End”, Destined For An Early Grave
  • Jeri Smith-Ready- Either “Wicked Game” or “Bad To The Bone” (winners choice)
  • Gena Showalter – TBA
Don't miss the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Kat Richardson to celebrate the launch of her new website. Great prizes to be won.

Love the graphic. Check out the My Bloody Valentine VampChix


Vampire News has a collection of links to assorted vampire films and TV series.

Nicole Hadaway reviews Legion.


EVOLVE: Vampire Stories of the New Undead
(edited by Nancy Kilpatrick.)

This unique all-Canadian anthology of vampire stories is being released by Edge Publishing March 1, 2010. I am fortunate to have an interview with editor Nancy Kilpatrick on March 5 to talk about this fascinating collection of stories. To whet your appetite here are some of the highlights about the release.
“The intriguing Vampires appearing in Evolve all share a common link to the iconic character Dracula”
-- Dacre Stoker
EVOLVE includes works by:
Kelley Armstrong, Tanya Huff, Claude Lalumière. Mary E. Choo, Sandra Kasturi, Bradley Somer, Kevin Cockle, Rebecca Bradley, Heather Clitheroe, Colleen Anderson, Sandra Wickham, Rhea Rose, Ronald Hore, Bev Vincent, Jennifer Greylyn, Steve Vernon, Michael Skeet, Kevin Nunn, Victoria Fisher, Rio Youers, Gemma Files, Natasha Beaulieu, Claude Bolduc, and Jerome Stueart.

About the Editor:
Award-winning author Nancy Kilpatrick has published eighteen novels, over one hundred and ninety short stories, five collections of stories, and has edited nine other anthologies. Much of her body of work involves vampires. Nancy writes dark fantasy, horror, mysteries and erotic horror, under her own name, her nom de plume Amarantha Knight, and her newest pen name Desirée Knight (Amarantha’s younger sister!) Besides writing novels and short stories, and editing anthologies, she has scripted four issues of VampErotic comics. As well, she’s penned radio scripts, a stage-play, and the non-fiction book The Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined (St. Martin’s Press — October 2004).

Nancy won the Arthur Ellis Award for best mystery story, is a three times Bram Stoker finalist and a five times finalist for the Aurora Award.

About the Cover Artist:
Ex-gravedigger John Kaiine, self trained professional artist/photographer, is also the author of the critically acclaimed metaphysical thriller Fossil Circus and various short stories, including the short film feature Dolly Sodom. He lives in a house by the sea with his wife, Tanith Lee, and two black and white cats.

You can find out more about the book and the individual authors at the Edge Science Fiction and Fantrasy Publishing website and at the website dedicated to the book -


Fans of the art of Dan Dos Santos will want to check out the article at on the eBook cover for Jordan's The Fires of Heaven. Chris at Stumbling over Chaos has Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Eighth, Being But a Few of the Further Adventures of Candy Cane Guy). Dirty Sexy Books talks about When Bad Cover Happen to Good Books. Richelle Mead posted the new paperback edition cover for Succubus Blues.

Foreign Editions:
P.C. Cast psoted the UK cover for Burned, the next House of Night book. Tez Says features the UK cover for Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

OK now here is an anthology I can get behind. Justine Larbalestier talks about Zombies vs. Unicorns (Sept. 2010) edited by her and Holly Black in a post on her blog. EW in a recent article had this to say -
Well, the age-old question will finally be answered in a new book, Zombies vs. Unicorns, just announced by Simon & Schuster, which will be a collection of essays detailing the pros and cons of both the shambling undead and the horned horses.

Gena Showalter unveiled the cover for The Darkest Lie, a July release in her Lords of the Underworld series.
In this riveting new installment of "The Lords of the Underworld Series", Gideon, keeper of the Demon of Lies, fights to uncover the truth. Forced to his knees in agony whenever he speaks the truth, Gideon can recognize any lie - until he captures Scarlet, a demon-possessed immortal who claims to be his long-lost wife. He doesn't remember the beautiful female, much less wedding - or bedding - her. But he wants to...almost as much as he wants her. But Scarlet is keeper of Nightmares, too dangerous to roam free. A future with her might mean ultimate ruin. Especially as Gideon's enemies draw closer - and the truth threatens to destroy all he's come to love.
Marjorie M. Liu showed of the cover for A Wild Light, the next Hunter Kiss book and I am loving it. That's one honkin' sword. Coming in August.
For too long Maxine Kiss has felt an inexplicable darkness inside her—a force she channels into hunting the demons bent on destroying the human race. But when she finds herself covered in blood and crouched beside her grandfather’s dead body with no memory of what happened or the man she loves, Maxine begins to fear that the darkness has finally consumed her.

With blood on her hands and her sanity in question, Maxine must face the truth about who she really is and embrace the love of the only man who can help her—before she loses what she cares about most: her family.
Tez Says discovered the cover for the next Greywalker book -  Labyrinth by Kat Richardson.

Dark Faerie Tales has  the cover for Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch. Juno Books revealed the cover for Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams (aka Laura Bickle)

Cover art featured here this past week at included:


Angry Robot Books pointed out this interesting piece on steampunk at The Guardian called Going back to the future with steampunk as well this video on a steampunk exhibition the Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

Angry Robot also announced reprints of some terrific novels by K.W. Jeter -
KW Jeter coined the term Steampunk, but unbelievably his classic novels Infernal Devices and Morlock Night have been out of print since the early 1980s. Angry Robot are delighted to announce that we are bringing them back to a new generation of readers in paperback, eBook, audio and steamPod formats.
It just so happens I have the originals sitting in my library which I picture here.

Joh Scalzi does it again with Why In Fact Publishing Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon: A Deeply Slanted Play in Three Acts

Kay at The Infinite Shelf has Part II of her post on classical artwork called The Beauty of Reading featuring - you guessed it - women reading. A nice collection worth the look.

Looking for young adult or middle grade authors? LiyanaLand has compiled an extensive series of links just for you.

VampChix has a delicious Vampire Valentine Gift Guide. Suburban Vampire has also come up with its' own list of suggestions for the holiday.
SFR fans should check out The Galaxy Express for the SFR Linkfest for February, 2010. Locus has posted its 2009 Recommended Reading List

Lurv a la Mode profiles more of the experiments with supernatural takes on the classics with Little Women and Werewolves and Shakespeare Undead.


Everyone loves dragons and one of the all-time favourite writers of dragon-themed stories is Anne Mccaffrey whose Dragonriders of Pern series is a modern classic. Anne's very first story appeared in a short-lived, but excellent science fiction magazine called Science-fiction Plus in October 1953. "Freedom of the Race" was an entry for short-short story contest and paid quite a handsome sum for the time. As you can see from the scans, I was fortunate to catch Anne at a convention and have her sign my copy.


Story Excerpt

Cover - Science-fiction Plus October 1953


Kim Harrison and staff of Powells, Portland OR in Tour T's

Maggie Stiefvater acquires another cat


  1. As always, Doug, thanks for all the news and fun links! (And for the mention. :)

  2. Oh EVOLVE looks very interesting, this is the first I've heard of it. And I see some authors familiar to me but there are several who are unknowns for me. This would be a good book to meet new authors.

    Thanks for mentioning Jennifer E.'s guest post at my place. :)

    Enjoy your weekend Doug!!

  3. I LOVEEEEE the cover for Marjorie Liu's next book!! WOW!

  4. Loooove Anne McCaffrey! That's so cool that you got her to sign that mag!

    Have you read her short in GET OFF THE UNICORN? I think that's my favorite piece of her work, followed closely by DRAGONSONG/DRAGONSINGER.

    Plus, I'm with Rachael -- Liu's cover is H-O-T! :D For some reason, it puts me in mind of the cover for Kasey Mackenzie's upcoming UF debut, RED HOT FURY. Looks dark, dangerous, and awesome. Gotta love those kick-ass heroines. *g*

  5. Have a great weekend Chris!

    Donna Evolve has lots of newer writers as well as a couple of big names. The website has links to profiles of each of the contributors. EDGE has done a great job of assembling all the details.

    Rachel I am a Marjorie Liu fanboy and this is one of the best covers yet.

    Hey Jess. I think I got her to sign White Dragon at the same time. Lovely lady. Early on I think my favourite of hers was The Ship Who Sang. Music always played an important part in her writing. As for the Lie cover, heroines don't get much more kickass than Maxine :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out on the DARK ORACLE cover! I hope that readers enjoy it.


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