Thursday, February 11, 2010

Giveaway Winners - "Hastur Lord" by Bradley & Ross

The four winners of a copy of Hastur Lord by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross in our Darkover Giveaway are:
  • Adele said... I was introduced to Darkover by one of her later novels, Exile's Song. I have since tracked them all down and read them. One of my favorite series to reread. I wouldn't want telepathy or any other -pathy. Reading about Margaret and her struggles with her powers just made me glad it wasn't me. :)
  • RKCharron said...I really loved the Darkover series. My favorites are Darkover Landover and The Renunciates and... I love the covers you posted. Brought back great memories. I had the entire DAW set 1st editions but lost 'em all in a fire. *sob* What an excellent series.
  • justpeachy36 said... I have not read anything by Marion Zimmer before but I think having psychic powers might be a bit scary because you'd know too much.
  • roswello said...I havent read any of the novels but would love to , these are my kinds of books, and i would sooo love to have these powers, would be soo great !!
A big thanks to Bronwyn of Penguin Canada and DAW Books for contributing the prizes.


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