Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cover Art - "Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend" by Katie MacAlister

Katie MacAlister posted this very pretty cover for Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend. The book is an omnibus edition of two of her out of print YA novels - Got Fangs? (2005) and Circus of the Darned (2006). The release this November is timed to coincide with the launch of her new Dark Ones book, In the Company of Vampires, featuring characters from the earlier books. Katie provides some background -
This book [In the Company of Vampires] brings into the adult romance world the characters from my two young adult vampire books--Benedikt Czerny and Francesca Ghetti. Because Ben and Fran have a history before Company of Vamps, and also because their two books are out of print, and the publisher's YA line has been closed down for a couple of years now, I thought it would be cool if their original books were available again, so folks who pick up copies of In the Company of Vampires can read Ben and Fran's history from the start.

Original Covers


  1. I like the new cover. It's very appealing.

  2. I loved those two books and I'm glad she's going to continue with those characters. Can't wait!

  3. Thanks for showing that cover Doug. I've been working on a post idea for a while now, and that cover illustrates one of my points beautifully. Maybe I'll actually finish it now.

  4. Nice Doug, I am always in the mood for Katie MacAlister and this one is now on my list. I think it is so nice when authors get the chance to revisit and reprint their work in this way and it gives us lucky fans a chance to buy the revised books to enjoy.

    jackie b central texas

  5. Thuy it does have a nice YA friendly feel.

    lit806 I've never read any of Katie's YA. Glad to know you enjoyed them.

    Always glad to help Rebecca even if I didn't know I was :)

    Jackie and we get the bonus of a two-for-one! I love Katie's adult stuff so this will be the first YA of hers I'll try.


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