Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black Magic Sanction - Go Read 1st Chapter


  1. I sat down with my copy of Romantic Times yesterday and I was surprised to see that they gave this book an okay rating. I was kind of bummed, although it won't stop me from reading Black Magic Sanction.

    The reviewer's gripe was that Rachel only functions from one position in these books - with her back against a wall. He or she asked why does Rachel always have to be on the defensive? I suppose that's a valid question, but I'm not sure how Ms. Harrison can fill up 500 pages when things are smooth sailing for her heroine.

    I figure this installment will be a crowd pleaser because Al/Trent become Rachel's unlikely allies, and everyone wants more face-time from those bad boys. But no, I won't read the first chapter until I have the book in hand. It's torture otherwise.

  2. Rebecca I really should get myself a sub to that magazine. I download the booklist every month but miss out on their reviews.

    I suppose that "back against the wall" is one way of looking at it. Rachel has put herself out there, challenged authority, taken chances, shown leadership in her own way. That makes her a target. It also makes for excellent plotting and reading.

    I don't mind teasing myself with the first chapter. A little torture is good for the soul :) This is one I have a on pre-order and will be reading the moment it comes out.

  3. Yeah the reviews are well worth it. I won't claim to read RT 'for the articles' although they're okay. I didn't subscribe for a long time since I assumed they only reviewed romances but they cover mainstream fiction, scifi, urban fantasy, etc. Even graphic novels.

  4. I'm offering a freebie book giveaway for this book over at my blog, The Damian Daily. Please feel free to stop by for your chance to win a free copy.


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