Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winner - Melian Morel "Smolder" Giveaway

The Randomizer has spoken and the two winners of a copy of Smolder by Melina Morel are:
  • Virginia C who said...Hi, Melina & Doug! Happy New Year! I think that Paris, France would be the perfect setting for a paranormal romance. After all, shouldn't the blood run rich with excellent French wine and the flesh be full with fine French cuisine? Think of the wonderful Parisian skyline, eeriely beautiful by the light of the full moon : )
  • Anne who said... I always think the bayous of Louisiana and New Orleans is a good setting for shifter type stories.
Melina will also be sending the winners signed bookmarks/bookplates for their books. As always thank you to everyone that participated and made Melina welcome. Original interview and giveaway details here.


  1. You girls are soooo lucky, here let me rub elbows with you for some of that luck.

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