Saturday, January 9, 2010

Urban Fantasy Weekend Report: Redux


Now that I have recovered from my meltdown earlier in the day when the weekend report I had painstakingly assembled (can't you just hear the violins?) was vaporized by forces unknown (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), I present a re-imagined version of the posting.

Critters Workshop is having its' annual Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for Review Sites and is among the nominated blogs. Drop on by and vote for your favourite.

I have two terrific guests this week beginning with Nancy Holzner (Wednesaday the 13th) whose Deadtown was released at the first of the month and appears to be taking the urban fantasy world by storm. Then on Friday, Helen Scott Taylor visits to discuss here new paranormal romance novel The Phoenix Charm, follow-up to last years well received The Magic Knot.

Also there is still time to enter the giveaway for a copy of Smolder by Melina Morel. Her interview and contest is here. Ends January 13th.

Remember to check my Author Events and Interviews schedule posted on my left sidebar for the most recent updates.


  • A preview of Frost Moon by Anthony Francis is available at Scribd. It is the first book in a new urban fantasy series (available March 2010) and is to be followed by Blood Rock and Liquid Fire.

  • Kelly Meding says - "I also added a "missing scene" from THREE DAYS TO DEAD that hit me the other day. It's a short scene, about 1900 words, from Handler Gina Kismet's POV (y'all met her briefly at the end of THREE DAYS). The scene is (MINOR SPOILER!) set after Wyatt's capture by the Triads at Burger Palace.You can find the scene here."
  • Lori Devoti has posted Lost, a paranormal vampire short story at the Book View Cafe.
Silhouette Nocturne authors have formed a brand new website. Author Stephanie Draven says of the site -
Check out our new releases, join the newsletter to keep abreast of what's going on with our authors, and don't forget to check out the contest page, because Nocturne authors are always giving something away.

At SF Signal Lavie Tidhar Asks 'What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Steampunk?'

In writing progress news Chris Marie Green reports -
I now have the first two books from my post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series (release 2011) on my editor's desk! I spent all day today revising the first one, BLOODLANDS, for continuity with this second book, which is still being called (NO) SPILL BLOOD at this time.
In a recent newsletter from Marta Acosta, she confirmed that the official title of the fourth Casa Dracula novel will be Haunted Honeymoon at Casa Dracula. Marta suggest that we (the readers) should decide if it is paranormal romance or urban fantasy? How about paraurban romantasy?

According to Tor Cherie Priest has been selected to win a 2010 PNBA Award for Boneshaker. Congratulations!

Jackie Kessler was finally able to reveal details of her "Sekrit Project" -

I’m writing a “Tales of the Vampires” comic book script for Dark Horse, set in the Buffyverse! Check out the interview here with Comic Book Resources, and for a sneak peak of some of the art!
“Carpe Noctem” will be a two-part story, each part in eight pages. The story will be part of Dark Horse’s terrific online comic book series, MySpace Dark Horse Presents, starting with #31 in February 2010.
The book trailer for the much anticipated Steamed by Katie MacAlister.
When one of Jack Fletcher's nanoelectromechanical system experiments is jostled in his lab, the resulting explosion sends him into the world of his favorite novel-a seemingly Victorian-era world of steampower, aether guns, corsets, and goggles. A world where the lovely and intrepid Octavia Pye captains her airship straight into his heart... 

Here is the trailer for The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber.

Diana Gabaldon talks about Echo in the Bone, her newest Outlander novel [via Grasping for the Wind]

Literary Escapism found out that Kerrelyn Sparks has listed Eat, Prey and Loveas the title to the ninth Love at Stakes novel on her upcoming releases page.

Abigail from All Things Urban Fantasy lists an amazing 54 urban fantasy giveaways. You need look no further for the fix to your contest addiction.


Variety and numerous other sources report that there is a new adaptation of Dune by Frank Herbert (1965) in the works. One of my top 10 SF books of all time, none of the renditions so far have managed to completely capture the scope of the books. Fingers crossed this time around. Now if James Cameron was to do it...

SciFi Wire has a midseason preview of 31 scifi/fantasy shows.

P.C. Cast does an update on progress for a House of Night movie.

And thanks to Rae Lori for reminding me and pointing out that there are lots of trailers and clips posted for Season Two of the urban fantasy TV series Being Human. Lots more vids on her blog.

Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review discusses and gives us a preview of a Steampunk Movie: The Marionette Unit

Catherine Karp from Suburban Vampire lists almost 40 upcoming vampire-related films in her post Upcoming Vampire Movies & Series: 2010 Edition. Daybreakers is top of my list.

Derek Tatum at Mondo Vampire reviews vampire movies from the past decade.


Final cover for urban fantasy King Maker by Maurice Broaddus. Coming in March (UK/Aus) and September (US/Canada).

Amazon's Omnivoracious interviews Pride and Prejudice and Zombies cover designer Doogie Horner. SFF artist John Picaccio presents his portfolio of work for 2009. All Things Urban Fantasy announced the winner of the Best Cover in the 1st Annual Urban Fantasy Cover Art Awards 2009 as Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.Catherine Karp from Suburban Vampire announces the results for her poll for the Best Vampire Book Covers of 2009.

The cover for Games of Cages by Harry Connolly has been posted. This is the 2nd book in his Twenty Palaces urban fantasy series due for release at the end of August. I do believe that is a Chris McGrath cover.

Racing the Moon, Michele Hauf's new Nocturne Bites release is sharing stock art with the forthcoming werewolf film, Growl. Way to go Michele.

Rachel Vincent compares the US and UK covers for Shift.

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance covers often take flak over their design but check out the comments for this tres cheesy SF cover presented over at A Dribble of Ink.

Literary Escapism has the scoop on the cover for Undead and Unfinished, the next Queen Betsy book from Mary Janice Davidson.

Last week I suggested that the Misadventures in Stock Photography feature at Stumbling Over Chaos was concluding. Chris informs me that is not the case and that she has month's worth of material. A new installment this week with Part the Fifth, or Hello, Again, Candy Cane Guy

Tez Says has cover art for Aprilynne Pike’s SPELLS (UK) & Kelley Armstrong’s FROSTBITTEN (US)

Cover art featured here this past week at included:


The Huffington Post features an article of the Ripley's variety - City Councilman Argues Against Removing Public Garlic Plants for Fear of Vampires [via Authorial, agently and personal ramblings]

Marta Acosta at vVampire Wire has posted The Complete Vampire Wire Badge Collection. I've included what I believ is the most popular badge among the ladies.

Rebecca at Dirty Sexy Books has written a very funny post on The Ten Commandments of Urban Fantasy. My favourite is Commandment VIII. There shall be a Pet, or an Annoying Roommate, or a Sentient Car. Rebecca also does a frequent post of interesting and eclectic news, links, thoughts on movies and more. Check out her most recent post here.

This wonderful news from Jackie at Litereary Escapism -
Wicked Little Pixie and I are getting together and compiling our series list into one.  Between the two of us, we’re trying to get all of the UF/F/PNR/H series in one place and I think we have a good chance of doing it.  If you want to make sure we include all of them, check out her list and mine, if we don’t, then let us know.
Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos has her usual wide-ranging list of interesting links to all kinds of fun articles, blogs, media and more.

SciFiChick’s Best of 09


Alyson Noel reading in her Snuggie

Mark Henry being zombified

Jeanne Stein sitting on next year's Christmas wish

Gail Carriger and Nicole Peeler at a recent io9 event.


  1. Thanks Doug for all of your hard work. I always love reading your Urban Fantasy Weekend Report. So sorry you lost it all before. I give you big props for going through it all again as I would feel too frustrated to even do it. LOL You have way more patience then I do. :)

  2. Geez Doug, you always have the best news. First I pop over earlier this week and my jaw drops when I see the cover for Bayou Moon... then I read about the name for Marta Acosta's latest here, along with the cover for Harry Connelly's 2nd book...

    I would be totally jealous of you if not for your technical problem with this gianormous post. I live in fear that the same thing is going to happen to me someday, and in a terrible fit of rage I might hurtle my precious MacBook across the room. Knocking on wood over here.

    Thanks for the mention, btw. Yeah, I defy anyone to find me a UF that breaks rule VIII.

  3. Or "Urban Fantasy Weekend Report: The Zombie Edition"! ;) Thanks for resurrecting your weekend report - the weekend would feel incomplete without it!

    And thanks for the kind words. :)

  4. Thanks for posting my book trailer, Doug, you are a gem! Thanks for all you do!

  5. You re-did it! Doug, I hope this didn't take away a chunk of your weekend! Great report!

  6. Great report. I missed a few of your c0vers this week due to travels. Glad you relisted them.

  7. Yay!! Great report, Doug. So glad you didn't let the computer gremlins beat you... ;)


  8. Thanks Rachel. Once I got over kicking the furniture I was OK.

    Rebecca, SciFiGuy, the man with the preternatural nose for UF news. That's me. LOL no notebook here, it would have been tough to toss the workstation tempting as it was. Your commandments list was priceless.

    Chris by the end of the day Zombie Edition pretty much describes it. I like that. And yeah I couldn't let it sit and not redo it as best I could.

    Thanks Leanna, always happy to help.

    Sean hey I live for urban fantasy although it did eat a little into my reading time but trite as it is, like they say the show must go on.

    Elie there were some terrific covers released this week weren't there :)

    Karen the gremlins didn't know what hit them when I was done with them. New procedures here so they won't be getting in the door again :)

    Hi Stephanie the new website looks great and will be an excellent source of info on Nocturne authors and releases. A good supplement to the blog.

  9. Doug,

    Great post - as always! I'm sorry you had to do all of that work twice - but it is appreciated by so many.

    Have a wonderful day.


  10. wow, that's a long list! thanks for putting it together!
    I really liked the teaser for Frost Moon =D though it doesn't seem to be listed on goodreads...

  11. I don't know if I would have had the patience to do this twice. Thanks for the link, no thanks for making me want a Snuggie now.

  12. I am proud to say I'm a member of the Naked David Club!!

    And thanks for posting the pic-- maybe Santa will see it for next year, huh?

    :-) Jeanne

  13. I am so sad....everyone keeps being surprised by my series list. I've had that thing up since the beginning of the site. :) You have seen the author listing, right?

    In any case...I like the zombie report. I hadn't seen Rebecca's list and I like.

  14. Thanks Michelle! Appreciated. All went well this week :)

    Ninefly, I just received an eARC of that so I should be reviewing in the next few weeks.

    Abigail as I don't watch much broadcast TV, Snuggie's are not something I have had to struggle with :)

    Jeanne that would be one honkin' Xmas gift. Better if it came with David eh?

    Hey Jackie yeah I like and use your lists which is why it is good to post about them to create better awareness and so people appreciate your hard work.

  15. Doug said: Jeanne that would be one honkin' Xmas gift. Better if it came with David eh?

    Now that you mention it....



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