Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Ebook - Maneater by Thomas Emson

Sean Cummings advises me that his publisher Snowbooks is offering fellow urban fantasy writer Thomas Emson's werewolf novel Maneater as a free download.

She's not sweet. She's not nice. She doesn't fight evil. She doesn't protect the weak. She doesn't serve humanity. She doesn't work in an office by day and have a secret identity by night. She doesn't have friends and family who know nothing about her but when they find out they love her anyway. She's not cool. She's not clever. She's not kind to animals. She won't help children, the elderly, and those less fortunate than herself. In fact, she doesn't care. But if you hurt her, she will kill you. Actually, she'll do worse than that - Meet Laura. She'll eat you alive.

The second book in the series, Prey releases next month.

When a Russian criminal is torn to pieces by a powerful animal, Moscow cop Lev Dasaev follows the trail to the U.S. - and to the lair of a murderous madman called Wheeler Burns.

Ruth Templeton will stop at nothing to destroy Laura Greenacre, the mysterious woman who was last seen disappearing into the tunnels beneath London - and her quest leads her to America.

The Templetons and the Greenacres will go to war one last time. And as in London eight years previously, werewolves will be unleashed - this time on the streets of New York. Bloodlust and vengeance unite Ruth and Burns as they conspire to annihilate Lev and Laura - and the ultimate hunter becomes the ultimate prey...


  1. At last a dirty, mean minded, tough gal who lets herself be dirty, mean minded and tough! I truly like the way this is going and pardon my steel toed platforms.

  2. Trust me - this is a kick-ass werewolf novel.

  3. Thank you for the link! The book sounds interesting...

  4. Thanks for the link. Always eager to read more.

  5. LOL I love your thinking on this Emme

    Sean thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.

    Heidi something outside the usual pack so to speak ;)

    Sheila and price is right :) to be introduced to a new author.


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