Friday, January 22, 2010

Cover Art - "Red Hot Fury" by Kasey Mackenzie

Karie Stewart who has her own debut urban fantasy coming out in July (A Devil in the Details) posted the cover of fellow debut author Kasey Mackenzie`s first book, Red Hot Fury, which releases June 29. Intriguing blurb. I think I am going to like this one.

Hell hath nothing worse than a Fury scorned...

As a Fury, Marissa Holloway belongs to an Arcane race that has avenged wrongdoing since time immemorial. As Boston’s Chief Magical Investigator for the past five years, she’s doing what she was born to: solving supernatural crimes.

It’s far from business as usual when the body of one of Riss’s sister Furies washes up in Boston harbor. Riss discovers that the corpse’s identity has been magically altered, but as soon as she reports her findings, she’s immediately—and inexplicably—suspended from the her job. Then a human assassin makes an attempt on her life, and Riss starts to realize that someone may be trying to stir up strife between mortals and Arcanes.

When a Fury gets mad, she gets even, and Riss is determined to untangle this case. Without the support of the mortal PD, Riss turns to the one man she can trust to watch her back—shapeshifting Warhound Scott Murphy. But since Scott is also Riss’s ex, she’ll have to keep a tight leash on more than just the supernatural rage that feeds her power as they try to solve a murder—and stop a war…


  1. This one has that certain something that comes between reality and fantasy and a luscious heroine herself from between worlds. Love it and rate it a must have, must one sitting if possible.

  2. I'm really lokking forward to this. Never read about a Fury. Something different.

  3. Nice find, Doug!

    I like the sound of this one too. I'm trying remember if I've read any books where the main character was a Fury but I'm drawing a blank.

    Thanks for sharing, I'm going to keep an eye on this one.

  4. That one's added to the wish list.
    Thanks Doug.

  5. Her eyes draw me in and the story synopsis finished it, I am in put it on my To Buy List thanks Doug for the heads up on a new author and a new read out just in time for my June Birthday!

    jackie b central texas

  6. Emme the storyline behind this one is the grabber. As it is a debut novel I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a winner.

    Princess Allie I don't think I've read about a Fury either but checking into the mythology shows they are fascinating.

    Donna I think we will continue to see new supernatural themes emerge in the genre beyond the usual vamps, shapeshifters, demons and angels.

    You're welcome Daelith.

    Jackie it does sound good and it comes just a month early for my birthday in July :)


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