Monday, January 11, 2010

Cover Art - "Keys to the Repository" by Melissa de la Cruz

Here is an update on young adult author Melissa de la Cruz from the Life After Twilight blog as well as the cover for Keys to the Repository, the first book in a new Blue Bloods companion series (June 2010). Life After Twilight reports -
Melissa de la Cruz has signed contracts with Hyperion and Disney Book Group, including a two-book deal for a new series of novels.The first book in the new young adult series is “Witches of East End” and is set for spring 2011. The book will include characters from the “Blue Bloods” series. Disney-Hyperion, who publishes “Blue Bloods,” has also struck a deal for two books in another new series from Melissa de la Cruz. “Wolf Pact” will deal with the werewolf character from “Blue Bloods.” It will also publish three “Blue Bloods” companion books, including “Blue Bloods: Keys to the Repository,” set for 2010, “Blue Bloods: Bloody Valentine” and “Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel,” both slated for 2011.
The school year at Duchesne is always packed with drama, mystery, murder, and midterms for Schuyler Van Alen and her friends (and enemies). But what about that glorious patch of time from June to August? In this collection of short stories, New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz reveals how the stunningly gorgeous, ridiculously wealthy, and completely undead members of the Blue Bloods spend their summer holidays. Hamptons, anyone?


  1. I wasn't crazy about this the first time I saw it but it's grown on me a little bit.

  2. OOhhhh very nice... thanks for the update. I am reading The Van Allen Legacy now...

  3. Ladytink a bit of a departure from the other covers except for the skyline. More reminiscent of a horror novel but strong design nevertheless.

    THE OPTIMISTIC PESSIMIST I've read the first couple and enjoyed them...

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