Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cover Art - "Descent into Dust" by Jacqueline Lepore

Here is the cover for Descent Into Dust by Jacqueline Lepore, a new historical vampire series that sounds very interesting. Releasing this April. I am not familiar with the author nor could I find a bio or website. A pseudonym perhaps? Anyone know more?

The Extraordinary Adventures of Emma Andrews, Victorian Lady and Vampire Hunter

A young widow with an uncertain inheritance; a mysterious guest with unclear motives; a child in peril; and the dark, rain-lashed moors—all set the mood for this first novel in an historical gothic series in which a Victorian woman discovers that she is a vampire hunter

Twenty-five year old widow Emma Andrews grew up in the shadow of her mother’s madness, so when she arrives at Dulwich manor in the midst of a plague and soon thereafter begins to see apparitions, her family fears fate has finally caught up with her. But one guest among them knows Emma’s visions are more than a trick of the mist. Valerian Fox has hunted the great vampire lord Marius through time and continents, and he knows that Emma’s senses are heightened by a legacy that runs through her blood.

When Emma’s young cousin is marked for death, Emma and Valerian must disregard propriety to prepare for battle. Poised at the intersection of life and death, uncertain of who she can trust, Emma finds that in order to save the most innocent among them she must embrace the inheritance she has feared and denied.


  1. Here is the site for her book, and maybe her, there's an "about" page anyway, where she writes about wanting to be a writer for a long time, making a second career out f romance writing (never heard of her though- maybe under another name) You can also read the first chapter at this site.

    ahhhh- romance writer name Jacqueline Navin - wrote The Viking's Heart. copyright Jacqueline Lepore Navin.

    This is her first vampire book?, though not first novel.

  2. Mardel sorry for the lateness of the reply. What a week. Thanks for the link. It seems UF is the genre place tome. We seem to be seeing more and more cross-over writers from other genres trying their hand at it. Let's hope it brings fresh blood and is not just imitative.

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