Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winners - Year End Giveaways

The five winners of a copy of Malice by Chris Wooding are:
  • Lu @ Regular Rumination said...The last YA book I read was Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. It was absolutely amazing!
  • Valorie said...The last graphic novel I read was Heske's 2012 anthology. It was of course amazing just like the previous horror edition. 
  • dor said... I read Looking Glass Wars, Turning Japanese (does that count) I also read Twilight..I so loved it. 
  • Seak said... The last graphic novel I read was The Watchmen. It was great. This was my first graphic novel and I never thought I could be so engrossed. 
  • Mardel said... I've never ever read a graphic novel. We have some - very few actually - in the library that I work in. It'd be great to get some more. The graphic novels we do have, the kids love to check out. I did recently read Betrayals by Lili St.Crow - love her books. I also read Strange Angels, her first YA novel. As soon as I finished Betrayals, I was ready for more. Now I'm reading one of her "adult" books (Hunter's Prayer). 
A big thanks to Peter at Big Honcho Media for the promotion.

The two winners of a copy of Burning Shadows by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro are:
  • FrankSandy who said...I enjoy reading about things in the last century.
  • SheepsPyjamas who said...Thank you both for the blogtour post -- I've been following Ms. Yarbro's stops and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the new book. I'm a newbie to the series, so I still have a few to read before I could really comment on what else I'd like to see, but I would note that I quite enjoyed the current era short stories -- it was interesting to see how much and how little the years had affected both St. Germain and Roger...
Thanks go to Ms. Yarbro for her wonderful guest post and the folks at Tor Books for the giveaway. Commenters had some interesting suggestions for  historical time periods against which to set a Saint-Germain or vampire novel. Here are some examples -
  • I love Victorian England and Jack the Ripper, so something combining those with vamps would really be cool for me!
  • I like the Romantic & Edwardian Era in Europe.
  • I would like to see a vampire during biblical times.
  • I like medieval times.
  • I'd love to see St. Germain in Hellenistic Egypt. It has always struck me as such a cosmopolitan time and place. Ancient Persia would also be fun to read.
  • I would like to read a vampire novel set in the medieval time period with swords and chivalry lol...
  • I think it would be interesting to see vampires in the wild west and that may be because I'm living in Texas now. ;)
  • I'd love to read about New Orleans and Louisiana in general during the beginning of the French reign and when it really came into its own.
  • I would like to see a vampire novel set in medieval times.
  • A vampire in the 1960's, say Summer of Love, would be very intriguing.
  • Vampires during the founding of America would be an interesting read.
  • I enjoy reading about things in the last century.
  • I live to read about the time of witch hunts.
  • I just love the 1950's. I would love to see a Vamp novel set in that time period. Fangs and poodle skirts anyone??


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