Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway Winners Times 3

Winners, winners and more winners for the last three giveaways, all of which ended Midnight last night. Check to see if you have won and email your contact information to me at scifiguy(at)scifiguy(dot)ca.

1. Star Wars Clone Wars

The five winners of the Draw StarWars the Clone Wars are -
  1. van_pham who said... Great contest, would love to win this for my nephew. My favorite scifi movie would have to be star wars (newer one made), and i really enjoy District 9 and the remake star trek.
  2. Wanda who said...My favourite Star Wars moment was watching my young son dress up as Darth Vader several years ago.
  3. M. who said...This would be fab for my tween manga loving boy to branch out into! I still remember when the first star wars movie came out. I thought it was the coolest ever.
  4. rdhowell71 who said...I think one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars is When Luke Skywalker first meet Yoda and then when Yoda is teachin Luke and says Do or Do Not... There is no try.
  5. ihchicky who said...One Sci-Fi Movie I enjoy is The Island.

2. Deborah Cooke/Claire Delacroix Giveaway

What a tremendous response to this interview and the giveaway. Big thank you's to all that commented and blogged about this. The lucky winner of the Dragonfire series (Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury, Kiss of Fate and Winter Kiss) which includes a signed copy of the first book along with signed bookplates and the other three books is -
  • Virginia C who said...Hello, Deborah and Doug! Thank you for a fabulous interview and giveaway! For me personally, this has to be one of my favorite posts of all time! Deborah, you are definitely a lady who writes for someone like me: A true romantic who is also a Sci-Fi aficionado! As a child, I loved dolls and collected them, played house and dress-up and other girlie things. However, I also loved secret agents, Sci-Fi, paranormal and Westerns! Today, I'm just an adult-sized version of that kid. I am so delighted to know Ms. Delacroix/Cooke continues to explore and expand her creative universe! If I have to choose a favorite, I will say paranormal romance is a little closer to my heart. Urban fantasy is great for an adrenaline jolt!

3. Kathryn Smith - The Nightmare Chronicles Giveaway

The winner for the two Nightmare Chronicles books Before I Wake and Dark Side of Dawn by Kathryn Smith is -
  • Silent Raven who said...Hi Kathryn. My question is: what do you do when the muses don't cooperate?


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