Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cover Art -- "Hard Magic" by Laura Anne Gilman

Laura Anne Gilman has posted the cover for Hard Magic, the first book in her Paranormal Scene Investigators series which is in turn a spin-off from her recently completed Retrievers series. The book is due to hit shelves May 1, 2010 to be followed by Pack of Lies in February 2011. The Retrievers series is one of my favourite urban fantasy series and I am really looking forward to the new series.


  1. Thanks for the cranium's up. I really like the Retrievers series, read the first one just a few months ago. And I know this will be fab.

  2. Ooh, very cool! I always think of the Retrievers series as one of those "stealth" series that doesn't get as much notice as it deserves. I'll definitely be looking out for the first PSI book!

  3. I JUST today bought Staying Dead. A long time ago I bought the third book (I think: Bring It ON?) without realizing it was part of a series. I never did finish it or buy any of the others until today - with my Christmas Border's Gift Card. Looking forward to reading Staying Dead, and possibly this new series. I like the cover!

  4. Recently it looks like i have fallen in love with science fiction books :) Laura has kept the reader engaged till almost the last page :) This is one book which i am happy to have made a purchase that too online frm a1books.co.in :) :) :)

    happy reading!!!

  5. This cover is eye catching! I liked the Retrievers series, so I'm thinking this one should be good as well.Thanks!

  6. Vickie I read a novella from the new series in one of the recent UF anthologies and think the new series will be terrific too.

    Renee I like your "stealth" reference. A very low key series but wonderful characters and world-building. I was sorry to see it end with Blood from Stone but at least there was pretty much a HEA.

    Mardel I'd love to hear what you think of the series. Be sure to let me know once you complete Staying Dead.

    Andrea catchy and urban and very appropriate.

    Sharon I'm glad Laura hasn't abandoned the world she created even if Wren's story is wrapped up.

  7. That's my gorgeous niece on the cover!! I'm so excited for her.


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