Monday, November 2, 2009

Witchy Winner - Bitter NIght by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Reaching deep into the cauldron resulted in the following name being selected to receive a copy of Bitter Night by Diana Pharaoh Francis in the recent interview giveaway. Congratulations!
  • jeanette8042 who said...Bitter Night sound slike an awesome read! 
Thank you to everyone that participated and linked to Diana's interview. I really wish I had more copies to give away, but wait - I do. I'll have another two copies for giveaway available during Diana's blog tour on November 10, so drop back and try you luck again!

Here are some of the witches you love as suggested by your comments -
  • My favorite fictional witch is Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison's The Hollows.
  • My absolute favourite witch of all time is Mildred from the "worst witch" series of children's books.
  • I love stories with witches... my favorite one as so far is Jennifer Lyons Blood Magic...
  • I think my favorite witch is Tabitha from Bewitched, if only because I often find myself looking at dishes or filing and wishing I could just twitch my nose and it would all be done.
  • My favorite fictional is Samantha from Bewitched.
  • My favorite witch is Alba from the book, BLACK BODY by H.C. Turk.
  • My favorite fictional witch is Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison's The Hollows.
  • I like Camille who is a witch in Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld series.
  • One of my favorite witch series is Anya Bast's Elemental Witch series. I also love Cheyene McCray's witch series.
  • Truthfully I never really read about witches. I did like the witch novels in the Night World by L.J. Smith and Jinx by Meg Cabot.
  • One of my favorite witch series is The Southern With series by by Kimberly Frost.
  • I would have to say that Harry Potter is my favorite witch, or wizard as he is actually called.
  • I have to say that one of my favorite witches from recent books I've read, is Tess Corday from Jes Battis' OSI series (Night Child and A Flash of Hex). Technically, the character is referred to as a mage, but whatever. I also really enjoyed the character Holly Carver from Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood.
  • My favorite fictional witch is Samantha Stephens from "Bewitched" since I grew up loving the show and Willow from "Buffy."
  • A favorite fictional witch is Lavender Brown who was Ron Weasley's first girlfriend in the Harry Potter series.
  • My favourite fictional witches are Rachel Morgan from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison and Paige Winterbourne from Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series.


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