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Urban Fantasy Weekend Report


Deborah Cooke/Claire Delacroix was here for an interview this past week talking about her two current releases, Guardian and Winter Kiss. Check it out as well as the giveaway for a complete set of the Dragonfire series.

November 24 - Author Kathryn Smith will be here to talk about Dark Side of Dawn, the second book in her new urban fantasy series the Nightmare Chronicles.

November 26 - Lilith Saintcrow will be visiting to discuss not one but two November releases - Betrayals the 2nd book in the Strange Angels YA series and Flesh Circus, the 4th Jill Kismet novel.

December has an exciting mix of guests with debut urban fantasy authors Kelly Gay and Kelly Meding,  the incomparable Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Canadian young adult debut author Alyxandra Harvey.

Remember to check my Author Events and Interviews schedule posted on my left sidebar for the most recent updates.

Don't forget that for those readers out there with kids, the giveaway for five copies Draw Star Wars®: The Clone Wars™ is still open until November 30. A perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!



Nicole Peeler thanking fans and reading from Tempest Rising.

Lynn Viehl on her Paperback Writer blog advises -
Want to read a novel by an award-winning writer as it's being written? Author Holly Lisle is giving away the first draft of her new novel, TalysMana, to readers by e-mail. There's no cost involved, you just have to sign up by name and e-mail here, and you'll receive the book one scene at a time as she writes it.
Kelly Meding happily announced that Suvudu will be posting some original short stories from her Three Days to Dead universe -
... over the next ten days, two original short stories of mine will be posted in five parts on the Suvudu site. Part one of story one is now live! Both stories are set in the same world as THREE DAYS TO DEAD. Story 1, The Hoarder, is set four years ago, when Evy was still a rookie Hunter. Story 2 (which will premiere Nov 25), Pride Before Fall, features a Hunter named Tybalt who we meet briefly at the end of THREE DAYS TO DEAD.

Keri Arthur in her most recent newsletter announced a free read on her website of one of her earlier novels With Friends Like These. Here are the details -
I've decided to put one my older books up as a free read on my website. This is very different from anything else that I've written--mainly because it's male point of view. It's set in Melbourne, like my Riley series, but it's a very different tone and features some totally over the top characters--and I do mean over the top!

The hero-- Harry Phillecky (he was a Harry long before those other Harrys came along and got famous)--is a half elf working as a photographer who gets involved in investigating the disappearance of a siren. Lets just say that fun and danger ensues.

The first chapter is up on my website, and one chapter a month will follow until the book is finished. It will also be available as a pdf, so you can download it and read it wherever you want. Hope you enjoy it :)
More excerpts from the forthcoming Deadtown by Nancy Holzner.

Tempting Persephone has a great list of links to excerpts including Shalador's Lady by Anne Bishop.

Jessa Slade reveals a little about her followup book to Seduced by Shadows. In Book 2 of the series, FORGED OF SHADOWS (June 2010), Liam Niall’s soul was winnowed down to rotting pulp during the Irish Potato Famine.  Though he has honed himself to a fighting edge when we meet him, that hunger is still inside and makes him vulnerable not just to the demon that took him but — decades later — to his heroine.

In an update on Laura Ann Gilman's various projects apparently The Vineart War, Book 2, is going to be called Weight of Stone and is tentatively scheduled for an October 2010 release. The first two books in Laura's Retreivers spin-off series Paranormal Scene Investigations were previously announced as Hard Magic (May 2010) and Pack of Lies (February 2011). The third book has been titled Tricks of the Trade (December 2011). Laura also writes as Anna Leonard and has a paranormal romance out in April 2010 called The Hunted featuring a selkie romantic interest. Are selkies the new vampire?

Kelly Gay had some exciting news this past week about a new YA series she has just sold. Here is the announcement via Publishers Weekly
Kelly Gay writing as Kelly Keaton's DARKNESS BECOMES HER, (GODS and MONSTERS, Book 1), in which a hardened teen on the run searches for the truth about her monstrous heritage with a group of misfit kids in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans, a city state now run by the creatures of the night, to Emilia Rhodes at Simon Pulse, in a two-book deal, for publication in Spring 2011, by Miriam Kriss at the Irene Goodman Agency (World).
A Glimpse into the World of Marjorie M. Liu at Project Paranormal
This is a fun book trailer for Jill Miles Gentlmen Prefer Succubi:

Kim Harrison has some freebies for the forthcoming Black Magic Sanction Hollows book. Visit Kim's website for how to get yours.

Devon Monk announced the sale of two books in a brand new series -
DEAD MAN'S MOON and STRANGE HUNT: In the steampunk America of the 1800's where strange creatures, machines, and magic aim to claim the same scrap of land and sky, sometimes all a man can count on is his honor, his word, and his claws.
If you haven't been following the Harlequin Horizons brouhaha this week, Ilona Andrews has a list of links to some of the more interesting commentaries. John Scalzi also weighs in on the issue.

Linda Robertson reports that she just signed a contract for the fourth installment in her Persephone Alcmedi urban fantasy series (Vicious Circle & the forthcoming Hallowed Circle and Fatal Circle). It will be called Arcane Circle.

And here is Melina Morel's brand new trailer for her forthcoming book Smolder:

Romance Book Wyrm profiles a new fantasy romance trilogy by L.J. McDonald that debuts next year. Gena Showalter has the blurb for Unravelled the next book in her YA series following Intertwined. Dark Faerie Tales has publishing news on book deals and Books to Watch (3)

The book trailer for Born of Ice by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the third book in her League series releasing December 1.


  • Michelle Rowen is sponsoring a very cool writing contest. Just click the graphic for details.Open until December 15.

  • Ellz Reads has a giveaway for Fallen by Lauren Kate. Ends December 4
  • My Blog 2.0 has a giveaway for a copy of the Immortal anthology. Open until November 30.
  • Blog with Bite has a giveaway of Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur. Open until November 29.
US Only:
  • Patricia's Vampire Notes has a giveaway of Dark Stranger by Susan Sizemore. Open until December 10.
  • The Story Siren has five copies of Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder and five copies of Night World: The Ultimate Fan Guide to give away. Open until December 1.
  • RKCharron has a giveaway of King's Under the Dome and a good list of contests around the blogosphere.
  • Author Michele Hauf is running her Ulitmate VampList Contest to update her amazing database of vampire books. Some great prizes.

My Favourite Books has a contest for the complete 2009 lineup from Angry Robot Books including Moxyland, Slights, Nekropolis, Book of Secrets, Angel of Death, Kell’s Legend, Winter Song, Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero and Sixty-One Nails. Open until November 24.

Donna at Fantasy Dreamers Ramblings has an excellent roundup of contests around the blogosphere.


Authors Sound Off:
Reviews of the New Moon movie at The Book Smugglers, Tor and Bloody Bookaholic. reviews 2012.

Filming on the much anticipated HBO adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones has concluded. A Dribble of Ink has the story.

Derek Tatum at Mondo Vampire selects his Favorite Top 10 Best TV/Movie Vampires of the Decade

A fun animated movie How to Train Your Dragon coming out next Spring

SciFi Wire reports -
FOX has confirmed that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will channel Robert Pattinson's Twilight character Edward Cullen in an episode of Fox's The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror XXII," which will lampoon the vampire franchise, Zap2It reported.
The exclusive Stephenie Meyer appearance on Oprah in three parts:


I received this announcement from Damnation Books about their line-up of books for release on December 1st, 2009. This small press has a wide range of horror, SF, paranormal and more.
  • One of Nine by Bruce Golden—short science fiction story
  • Demon Legacy by Kelly Brigham—paranormal horror novel
  • Jars in the Cellar by Lee Clarke Zumpe—horror short story
  • Deadly Affair by Collette Thomas—Book 2 of the Todd Hollow Series thriller/erotica novel
  • The Crimson Tower by Alex Marshall—dark fantasy short story
  • Better Off Alone by Yolanda Sfetsos—horror zombie short story
  • Afterlife by Naomi Clark—vampire paranormal novel
  • Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves by Shane J. Cummings—dark fantasy novella
  • Betrayal by Michele Acker—Book 1 of the Blood and Ashes series—dark fantasy novel
  • Donny’s Day by Brandon Berntson—horror novella
  • The Merkabah Rider: Episodes 1-4 by Edward M. Erdelac  western/paranormal novel
  • Dannevirke by Sean McLachlan—short story historical horror/dark fantasy
  • Godiva in the Firing Line by Robert Appleton—science fiction novella
These titles go live at 12:01 a.m. on 12-01-09 with variable pricing enabled. With these books we are updating our variable pricing model to where book prices rise per download by twenty-five cents (on our website only).  All currently available books on variable pricing will revert to their full price at that time.

Short stories are available as ebooks only. Novellas and Novels are available in ebook and paperback.

We will also be offering another free book starting on December 1st. This one is Christmas Day of the Dead by Yolanda Sfetsos with cover art by George Silliman.  Who can resist zombies during the holidays?


Nalini Singh has bunches of covers of foreign editions of her books.

Orbit Books has another behind the scenes look at the creation of a book cover featuring the forthcoming Bitten In Two by Jennifer Rardin.

SF Signal does a MIND MELD: The Most Memorable SF/F Book Covers as selected by a range of professional illustrators, editors and bloggers.

The Infinite Shelf gather covers with a wings/butterfly theme.

Tez Says has the UK cover for Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre.

The Book Smugglers talk about and show covers from the new Gollancz paranormal romance line of  books coming next year from the UK publisher.

Melissa Marr has unveiled the cover for Radiant Shadows, the fourth book in her young adult Wicked Lovely series due for release April 20, 2010.

Hunger for nourishment. Hunger for touch. Hunger to belong. Half-human and half-faery, Ani is driven by her hungers.

Those same appetites also attract powerful enemies and uncertain allies, including Devlin. He was created as an assassin and is brother to the faeries’ coolly logical High Queen and to her chaotic twin, the embodiment of War. Devlin wants to keep Ani safe from his sisters, knowing that if he fails, he will be the instrument of Ani’s death.

Ani isn’t one to be guarded while others fight battles for her, though. She has the courage to protect herself and the ability to alter Devlin’s plans—and his life. The two are drawn together, each with reason to fear the other and to fear for one another. But as they grow closer, a larger threat imperils the whole of Faerie. Will saving the faery realm mean losing each other?

Alluring romance, heart-stopping danger, and sinister intrigue combine in Melissa Marr’s next volume of Melissa Marr’s New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series.
Lucy A. Snyder also has a a cover for the sequel to the forthcoming Spellbent called Shotgun Sorceress.

Irene Gallo from Tor talks about the creative development of Stubby, the rocket

Dark Faerie Tales has the cover and book trailer for Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams

SciFi Wire reports that Frank Frazetta's original cover painting for the Lancer paperback edition of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Conqueror sold this week to a private collector for a reported $1 million, according to Spectrum Fantastic Art. That's four times the previous record price for a Frazetta painting, which was $251,000, paid for the cover to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Escape on Venus in 2008.

Jackie at Literary Escapism discovered the cover for Vampire Mistress by Joey W. Hill,  the 5th book in her Vampire Queen series.

Cover art featured here this past week at included:


Well apparently the Kindle is finally coming to Canada. Does anyone care? Are you prepared to lay down the pricey payment for the device and signup with a telcom provider to facilitate downloads. And don't get me started on DRM.

Patricia Altner has November Vampire book releases over at VampChix.

Author Justine Musk has a fascinating must read post "the happy death of “genre vs literary” in the world of the Technorenaissance". Thanks to RKCharron for the heads up.

SF Signal had a link to an AbeBooks sale of two books I always wanted to see (and would love to own). They are the 1953 edition of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 in a signed limited edition (200 copies) made of asbestos and the 1980 edition of Stephen King's Firestarter also done in asbestos and limited to a signed limited edition of only 26 copies. They can be had for the bargain price of only $31,810 USD.

At Grasping for the Wind, Inside the Blogosphere has bloggers answering the question - "What are the worst or most disappointing endings in science fiction/fantasy novels? Why?"


Alyson Noel at Shadowland signing.


  1. Great post. I missed some of those covers. I did saw MMarr's on livejournal. Do you like it, it is not one of my favorites.

    Thanks for including me. Elie (Ellz Readz)

  2. I spotted the Radiant Shadows cover on Melissa's site too. I'm with you elnice, disappointing. I caught Stephenie Meyer on Oprah. I was really hoping she'd give us an update on Midnight Sun or The Host sequel.

  3. I was thinking about the Kindle hard this week, and you've got me on the downloads. What if you already have a router though? Do you still have to do it differently? And..what about downloading through places like Chapters ShortCovers? Is that even possible? Not worth it is it?

  4. Elnice I think the cover still fits with the earlier covers but I would agree that it is not the strongest of the group. For some reason it looks too staged.

    Abigail I found a couple of mentions elsewhere about the Host sequel but nothing worth posting. I rarely find you get much of substance out of these talk show appearance - mostly just PR.

    Natasha I think having an ebook reader might be convenient at the right time (the odd ebook only publication for example) but I am a die hard hard copy person. AIf I had an ebook reader as long as I could download from the internet and plug in an ebook to my main computer I would be happy. All of these wireless systems seem like frills and a waste. In general I view ebooks as totally disposable like the daily newspaper. You can't sell them, give them away, and they probably won't work on newer devices years down the road etc etc. My hard copy library presents none of these problems. Kindle? Not a chance. If Amazon GAVE me one, I MIGHT purchase the occasional ebook.

  5. Very Cool for Damnation Books and everyone a part of it. I know I'm proud of it myself.
    Brandon Berntson
    author of Donny's Day.


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