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Guest Author - Julie Kenner (Interview & Giveaway)

Julie Kenner is perhaps best known for her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series of light-hearted urban fantasies, the newest Demon Ex Machina was just released October 6. She has just launched a brand new series called The Blood Lily Chronicles beginning with Tainted (October 27) to be followed by Torn (November 24) and Turned (December 29). I reviewed Tainted here last week and especially enjoyed Lily, the heroine of the series and I am betting she will be sure to please most urban fantasy fans.

Julie Kenner will drop by today to answer questions, so please take the opportunity to say hello or leave a comment. Julie has also generously offered an ARC of Torn and a signed copy of Carpe Demon as a giveaway prize. Rather than splitting them up, one lucky winner will be selected to receive both books. Giveaway entry details as usual can be found at the end of the post.

And so now moving on to the important part, a big welcome for guest Julie Kenner!

SFG: Tainted is the first book in the Blood Lily Chronicles and is much darker than your Demon Hunting Soccer Mom books. Can you give us an overview of this urban fantasy series and tell us how you conceived the idea?

Hey, sometimes you just have to go dark :) Seriously. Every story that an author conceives has a certain tone at its heart. Or maybe I should say that I conceive and not try to speak for all writers out there. But in the world of my imagination, some stories tend to be fluffier than others. I don't think of the Soccer Mom books as "fluffy" (the family themes get pretty intense, and there's a definite arc toward darker issues) but the series is told with a much lighter hand than Lily's story. And yet at their core, the stories are very similar--heroine is out killing demons; her family is important to her; she has a big secret she has to keep from the people around her. But it's the nature of the characters--their attitudes and their life view and their unique circumstances--that color the nature of the story.

When you start a story with a soccer mom smelling something stinky in Wal-mart and assuming it's a poopy diaper, the tone of the series tends toward light.

When you start a story with the narrator confessing that her sister was raped and she went out to kill the man who raped the girl, the tone tends to be dark.

Which is a rambling, late-night way of saying that the tone is organic to the story.

As for how I came up with the story, I actually can't answer that without spoilers, because something key in the first book (Tainted) was the kernel of my original idea. (Don't give it away folks! I've been thrilled so far that reviews are keeping tight-lipped!). I can say even before Lily or her circumstances were conceived, I wanted to write a story about an assassin. Not even necessarily a paranormal story, but that idea buzzed around in my brain, and at some point it jelled. For Lily, it was a very amorphous, fluid, long-term jelling. With Kate the demon-hunting soccer mom, it was *boom*. That one, I remember in detail. (I was trying to think of a romance to pitch, and thought of alpha male demon hunters; at the same time, I wanted to pitch chicklit, but not the typical 20something, as I was a new mom. The ideas bumped up together, and paranormal mommy lit was born ).

As for the overview, you did a great job in the awesome review (thank you, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!). In brief, Lily goes out to kill the man who has raped her sister, but she's the one who ends up dead. She's got a bit of a checkered past in addition to planning murder, and she's offered a chance for redemption: come back and assassinate the demons who are trying to open the ninth gate to hell. But things aren't as simple as they seem, and when Lily comes back in the body of a murdered young woman, she realizes she's got a lot to learn, not the least of which is her new role in the world.

SFG: Three books Tainted, Torn and Turned have been announced. Do you plan more books in the series?

I would love to do more in the series. The contract was for these three books, so at this point, I'm in wait and see mode. (If you enjoyed Tainted, tell your friends! Word of mouth really is the best thing for keeping a series going. Well, word of mouth and sales!)

SFG:What’s scene or moment in Tainted did you enjoy writing the most?

Oh, that is a hard question! For one thing, I've written six books (including Torn and Turned) and two novellas since writing Tainted, so I'll confess my memory is a bit fuzzy. But I think probably either the scene in the video shop where she goes to get the money owed to her for her part in some shady dealings--it's the first time you see Lily being a bit of a bad ass outside the realm of demon-hunting, and you get a peek at her previous life. Or the very opening scene wherein Lily is talking to the reader; that one went through some iterations, and the first one was even darker, but it wasn't working. I hadn't found Lily's snark yet. Once I wrote that opening, Lily's voice was able to shine through.

SFG: You are podcasting the full text of some of your books including Tainted. Not many authors have adopted podcasting. Tell us more about your Kenner-Casts.

I am having So Much Fun doing that! I'm not an actress by any stretch, but I can sort of pretend I am doing the readings. And although deadlines have prevented me from taking the podcasts as far as I'd like, I'm really hoping to bring more non-book content into the mix.

The idea, though, started with my desire to podcast Tainted. I'm a huge podcast fan, and I thought that podcasting would be a great way to create awareness for a book and, hopefully, get people interested in the story. Folks can listen at and soon I'll have the books up at Once I finish podcasting Tainted, I'm going to do one of my short stories, then jump in with some older content, probably my superhero romance, Aphrodite's Kiss. Next year, I plan to podcast original content, too, like short stories. Time, alas, doesn't grow on trees.

SFG: You have written paranormal romance, urban fantasy, category romance, and young adult series to name a few. Can you tell us a little about each of your different series?

Sure! You can read excerpts and blurbs at my webpage, , by going to the "Bookshelf" and then clicking on the sections that appear in the menu.

To give you the short version, though, with category romance, I haven't done any actual series, but all the the books are sexy, contemporary reads, and a lot of fun.

In paranormal romance, I have a series of superhero romances (the Aphrodite Series), in which the superhero characters are descendants of Greek gods and goddesses (who weren't really gods/goddesses at all, but just thought that was a great cover story). There's a very bureaucratic organization that oversees the superheros -- the Venerate Council of Protectors -- and, in an homage to my lawyer background, a lot of forms that have to be filled out with regard to various missions and projects. The books are fun and you can read each on its own, though because of one overarcing story question, reading them in order would be more fun.

I have a chick lit suspense series (Codebreaker series) that begins with The Givenchy Code. It's a trilogy and the premise is that someone has brought a MMRPG into the real world--Play.Survive.Win--and the characters are caught up in a race for their lives. Each of the books require the characters to follow a series of clues based on what they love/do, so the first is cryptography and math, the second is Broadway, and the third is Hollywood. (The Givenchy Code, The Manolo Matrix, and The Prada Paradox).
My YA series is the Ghoul series, starting with The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even (it and the sequel, Good Ghouls Do! is available at the podcast), and it's about a high school valedictorian-to-be who's turned into a vampire by the senior jock vampires, and now she's pissed because colleges don't accept the dead. She swears not only revenge, but also to figure out a way to get her humanity back. Of course, it's a lot more complicated than she imagined.

Of course, I have the Kate Connor demon hunting soccer mom series which I mentioned earlier. That series is pretty much what it sounds like (though there is no actual soccer! My editor and I actually talked about that--she wanted to change it to "suburban mom" and I went into full blown advocate mode and found all sorts of articles discussing how "soccer mom" was now a political designation, not necessarily referring to the sport but the lifestyle. Which wasn't your question, but I thought it was interesting ). At any rate, Kate was raised by the Church in Rome and grew up to be a demon hunter for Forza Scura, a secret arm of the Vatican. She and her partner, Eric, fell in love and decided to retire, because life spans of hunters are not traditionally long. The book opens with Kate now retired and married to her second husband, Eric having been killed in a mugging when their daughter was 9. She and her new husband Stuart have a toddler...and Kate has secrets that she believes lie dormant. But when a demon crashes through her kitchen window intent on killing her, Kate has to juggle her old and new lives, and the series takes off from there. I have a lot of fun writing Kate!

And, of course, there's the Blood Lily Chronicles (and I see your next question is about an upcoming series!)

SFG: You have announced a new paranormal romance series for next summer which you are writing as J.K. Beck. We would love to know more.

Sure! The first three books are When Blood Calls, When Wicked Craves, and When Pleasure Rules. I did an excerpt from Blood on the podcast a few months ago, and if anyone would like a printed excerpt booklet, drop me a line at with a mailing address and I'll send one along with a promo button!

The series itself is set in and around a paranormal judicial system that mirrors our own familiar court system, but is designed to apprehend, prosecute, adjudicate and detain those paranormal creatures who break the Covenant, a series of laws first formalized in the cuneiform writing of ancient Sumaria, kept alive and updated today by a paranormal legislative body with authority over all the creatures of the dark.

That system stands as guardian over the meshing of the human world and the world of the shadows. The series is called The Shadow Keepers.

In the first book, an up and coming prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office has the world shift beneath her feet when she is given a promotion and brought to "Division" to work as a prosecutor in the shadow world. And things only get more crazy for her when she learns that the first defendant she will be prosecuting is a man she'd had a one night stand with--and that he's not only accused of murder, but is a vampire.

The books are paranormal romantic suspense novels, and I'm having a blast writing them.

SFG:We’re all readers here so we are all curious what you like to read when you have time and what you are reading now.

Time is the issue! Between writing, homeschooling, and life in general, I have less time to read than I like. I've combatted that lately by getting the Kindle iphone app, the B&N ebook reader, Stanza, and lots of audiobooks on my iPhone. Plus I've been reading in bed every night at least 30 minutes even if I go to bed at 3!

I love mysteries and paranormal, so the JD Robb books are huge for me. The last one I ordered for my Kindle the minute it was available at something like 1 am!

I also love thrillers and narrative nonfiction and, of course, romance and urban fantasy, although I tend to read more in the genres I don't write in.

At the moment, I'm multi-reading: The Graveyard Book (library book), Dragonfly in Amber (kindle) , the Count of Monte Cristo (iPhone classics book app), Atlas Shrugged (Audible and iPhone iceberg reader), the Phantom Tollbooth (my old copy with my 8 year old), the Well Trained Mind (re-reading), and The Spymaster's Lady (paperback). Enjoying them all!

SFG: If you could be any supernatural creature, what would it be and why?

Oh, someone asked me this recently, and I've actually been thinking about it since then, and I want to change that answer, so I'm glad you asked! I'd said an immortal creature so that I could watch the world change, but I actually think that immortality might not be the best thing for a variety of philosophical and theological reasons. So what I'd really like to be is a time traveler. I'm reading Dragonfly in Amber right now (re-reading, actually) and find myself thinking how hard that would be, but also how cool to see history in the making. (Which, technically, I am anyway, as our generation will be history, but you know what I mean....)

SFG:Tell us five things about yourself that no one knows.

Hmm. No one at all? That's hard.
  1. It took me months before I was remotely interested in seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark back when I was a kid and it was in theaters, because I thought it was about "raiding" Noah's Ark, and I just couldn't figure what all the fuss was about.
  2. I saw Star Wars in the theater 82 times (okay, some folks actually know that one, but it's pathetic enough to include, I think...) [SFG Note: my seven times pales in comparison.]
  3. When I was little, the movie Pollyanna scared the crap out of me, at least I think it was Pollyanna; I've never double-checked. (Really. There's a scene--and it's all I remember--where the minister comes to the little girl and says "death comes unexpectedly." To my little kid brain, that was terrifying!)
  4. Getting off the topic of movies, this one is known, but only by a few people: I have snooze alarm issues. My critique partners (Dee Davis and Kathleen O'Reilly) must really love me, because they are willing to put up with me and my snooze alarm at conferences (though they tease me).
  5. I can't keep peanut butter in the house (well, I can't keep Jif in the house). I can eat an entire jar with a spoon. Disgusting, but true. And yummy.
Thanks so much for having me at the site!

Thank you Julie for the in-depth responses to the interview questions and for joining us today. It is terrific that not only do we get to read an exciting new series over the next few months but that you have another new paranormal series for us on the horizon.

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  1. Awesome interview!! I was wondering if you helped to design or have a say on the covers?


  2. Hi Jeanette!

    Alas, no. Or, actually, probably not alas, as I'm not very visually talented. I'm the girl with kids who still drags her mom to Home Depot to help her pick out paint colors. Once I accosted a perfect stranger in Lowe's and asked her if the colors I planned to paint the living room went together (they didn't; my living room looks much better now thanks to her, anonymous though she might be).

    My editor for the Kate Connor series told the art department she wanted something "not horror-y, not romancey, not chicklit-y, and that hadn't been done before." I think the art department really stepped up to the plate!

    For the Blood Lily Chronicles, I have no idea what was told to the art department. All I know is that I got the covers by email and they blew me away. I especially love how they worked the name "Lily" into the pull thing (it's late; my vocabulary's already in bed) for the beer tap. And I love how the bottles look like gothic candles. I think the covers are really striking (and Lily looks hot, too !!)

  3. My question is probably really hard but I was wondering which of your books is your favorite and which book was the most fun to write?

    I tweeted


  4. Great promotions, really. Ill pick it up for a read though. However, if I got a free copy, I could review it easier on my blog!

  5. Alicia, that is a hard question! I think I heard Nora Roberts say once that her favorite is the one that's currently on the shelves. I'm willing to go with that!

    At the same time, I have a soft spot for my first single title (the second book I had published). It's called The Cat's Fancy, and I wrote and sold it back in 1999 when no one was buying paranormal (hard to believe). I was told by so many people that I would never in a million years sell a book that had a cat as a heroine (she's in love with her master -- think The Little Mermaid). But it did sell, and I've been writing paranormal (and lots of other stuff) ever since!

    All my books have their own story behind the story, too. I wrote a Temptation after a car accident on pain meds with a shattered wrist. My critique partner told me she "really liked the beach cook out scene" and I was like, "what cook-out scene."

    The point being that it's always fun looking back at the path that got the book from your head to the paper (and don't even talk about the convoluted path when pregnancy hormones work their magic on the process. All I'll say is: revisions are a good thing).

  6. Hi, Julie!

    I literally finished reading Tainted last night and I am dying to read Torn! I'm happy to say that I was very tight-lipped on my review as to not spoil anything! It oughta be published at NOR any day now.. :)

    One word: Deacon. [ensue swoonage]

  7. Wow!
    Thanks for the indepth interview. One of the best I've read. And thanks to Julie for sharing & for answering questions in the comments.
    My question is "Do your characters still surprise you the further you go with them in a series?"
    All the best,

  8. I don't have a questions, but I just wanted to tell Julie that when I read Carpe Demon, I really thought it was the most realistic blending of the paranormal with real world concerns I'd read in a long time. I read a lot of urban fantasy, and the heroines are great, but they never have to cook dinner or do laundry, and I have a harder time believing that than in the vampires and zombies they fight! So Carpe Demon was a real refreshing read for me!

  9. Nice interview! I only knew her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, so its nice to see other books from her.
    I'll add the Blood Lily Chronicles to my wishlist.
    battyaboutbats at

  10. Doug,

    Great interview. :)


    You are one busy lady. I have read and enjoyed your Soccer Mom series - but I had no idea about the others. I am adding the YA series to my daughter's Christmas list. :)

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    I was wondering... When you finished your very first book, what were your thoughts?

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  15. I do have to say the covers look fabulous! I thing you really won the amazing cover contest! I am going to have to go get these now after this interview. They sound great.

  16. Great interview. This new series sounds really intriguing. I liked the Aphrodite series. Great fun. Do you come up with all of your titles?

  17. Wendy, thanks so much!!!!!

    RK -- love the Calvin & Hobbes pic :)
    And yes, my characters do still surprise me. I think that's maybe a sign of when it's time to wrap a series? When there are no surprises yet? (she says, surprisingly philosophical for early morning).

    Kimberly, I'm so glad to hear you say that! Twining in Kate's daily life is one of the things that really made Kate come alive for me, too.

  18. Beleth, thanks! Hope you enjoy some of the other books.

    Michelle, Yay! Hope your daughter enjoys! I've podcasted the full text of both Ghoul books, too (at and I'll be uploading them to soon.

    Thanks, Laurie!

    Kris, if you haven't read Aphrodite's Kiss, you might want to give it a try. It's the first book in the Protector world, and has one of the best cartoon covers, in my opinion!

  19. Silent Raven - I think my first thought was "wow! finally!" and my second was "I wonder if I can sell this?" (the answer was no; but I sold the second one!)

    Melissa, thanks! And I hope you enjoy the books.

    Sandy, I wish I could say that I did, but no, not all of them. I did come up with Tainted, Torn, and Turned. As for Carpe Demon, my working title was Demons & Dirty Diapers (like THAT would have sold well....) but I'd used the term "carpe demon" in my synopsis and, fortunately, my agent is savvy and pointed out that the perfect title was right there on the page. The Givenchy Code came from my critique partner Kathleen O'Reilly. And the Aphrodite titles I came up with. So it really varies.

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  22. Great interview. Just finished Demon Ex Machina and it was FANTASTIC as is everything I have read from you so far. While reading it, I lamented many a time that it really sucks sometimes being a responsible, practical mom because I wanted to stay up all night and finish the book instead of getting the kids ready for school and daycare the next day and than going straight to bed ; ) Now on to Tainted and Torn.

  23. Oops forgot to mention I tweeted it and put it on Facebook

  24. I love the demon book names, the title for California Demon is why I grabbed the book in the first place.

    Julie, whats been your favorite book to write (I know, thats a hard one).

  25. Hi Julie! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for writing the Good Ghouls series. I bought it for my daughter and she really liked it and was tickled by the Austin connection. You write good teenagers. :-)

  26. Thanks Larry! As for Ghoul, I have several more stories for Beth planned out, and I hope to start getting them out there in 2010!

    Mountie, thanks for the tweet and the kudos. And, hey, who really needs sleep :)

  27. Wicked, Hmmm. That is a hard one. They're all fun for various reasons (and usually miserable somewhere around the middle, too). I'm going to go with either Carpe Demon (because I got so much into Kate's skin) or The Givenchy Code, because it was such a blast thinking of and working out the clues (it was hard!!!)

    Patrice- hi!!!! So glad she liked them. I've had a couple of folks say they appreciate the Austin setting. I tend to go even more urban (NY or LA) and it was fun to set something here. (Yay Mexican freetail bats!)

  28. So far, Julie, I would have to say I've enjoyed everything of yours I've read (3 Blaze romances, the Givenchy Code trilogy) and am hoping to get to the Demon-Hunting soccer mom books soon - the first three are on my bookshelf waiting!I also enjoy your podcast and am sloooooowly listening through Tainted - and loving it! Thanks for sharing your creative gifts with the rest of us!

  29. Thanks, Amanda! I hope you enjoy the soccer mom series, too! It's a lot of fun, I think. And yay on the podcast! I'm having way too much fun doing that :)

  30. Hi Julie,

    I was wondering if you are into handbags and shoes like your heroines in The Givenchy Code series.

    I am collecting the Aphrodite books now to start them soon (missing the first), I'm having a blast reading all of your books. I need to get the last Demon one still, Deja Demon was my favorite!

  31. I also posted on Facebook at

  32. I forgot to mention earlier...I enjoy your podcasts too.

    I bought "Demons are Forever" from and the narrator was pretty good, but I just love the way your voices and inflections go with the actions in the book.
    I re-read the series getting ready "Demon Ex Machina" and I kept hearing you voice doing the narration.
    Again, good work!

  33. I forgot another question (from the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series). Why doesn't David's breath smell?

  34. rainmerlot@gmail.comNovember 4, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    I am a first time Julie Kenner reader and I picked up Tainted last night and just now finished. I could not put it down. So at this time I would say Tainted is my favorite, but now I'm going to go out and get her other books and I already have the dates on my calendar for the next 2 in the Blood Lily series. What a great, on the edge of your seat book!

  35. Forgot to leave my email addy in other posts, I have never done this before :)


  36. Hey, Julie,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the great interview. I absolutely love your demon hunting soccer mom series and wait (impatiently, I might add) for every installment. Your new series sounds awesome too and I will be getting them as well!!

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  37. Hi Julie! I have read the Aphrodite series, loved it. I love the covers and titles on the Ghoul series, but I am really looking forward to reading the Blood Lily series. They look and sound fantastic! Great post!

  38. Hi Julie,
    I just wanna say you've given me hours of reading pleasure and laughter. I enjoy your books immensely!
    I think my favorite title is DEMONS ARE FOREVER. I love Bond and I always sing the theme song for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER when I see that title. :-)

    Mel K.
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  39. Hi Battyjac --

    Not really. I'm more of a "cool find at Goodwill" kind of girl, but I do have two Prada bags I got on eBay and some cool Givenchy scarves. As for shoes, now that I'm no longer wearing suits everyday, I'm mostly into Birkenstocks and three dollar flipflops from Walmart :)

  40. Larry, hey that's a great compliment on my reading! I confess I haven't listened to the audiobooks of the demon series b/c I have Kate in my head and don't want a different voice!

  41. battyjac -- hmmm. Can't really answer because it's a bit of a spoiler, but let's just say it's a bit of a different sitch for him than it is for others.

  42. rainmerlot--awesome!!!! Thanks for telling me!

    Rosie and Barb, thanks so much!

    MelJ -- personally, I sing California Dreaming (but I'm a huge Bond fan...if you haven't read it, my The Spy Who Loves Me is a tongue in cheek James Bondish romance)

  43. Julie another one from me. LOL. As if I haven't grilled you enough. Any new developments on the Carpe Demon movie not covered by your FAQ? It will make a delightful film. Casting thoughts?

  44. Battyjac,
    That was my thought on David thanks for that hint Julie!
    Also, I know what you mean Julie, about the voice of Kate, I do the same thing when reading James Bond books.
    On a side note, I did that with Cornelia Funke's Inkheart. I bought the audiobook first and then borrowed my daughter's copies of the trilogy. I read that Brendon Frasier is the narrator for Inkspell so now when I read the books I hear his voice in my head.
    Anythoughts of podcasting "Carpe Demon"?

  45. Hi Julie, very interesting interview. I have to admit I've seen your books but haven't gotten the chance to pick them up. But I did notice that you're writing under an alias for your YA series, I'm very curious why.

    Btw, I love the lettering for the covers :)

    chichai_hana at hotmail dot com

  46. I absolutely loved Tainted and am waiting (kinda) patiently for the next installment.

    I was wondering, did you plan and outline the books before you read them? Or did you just start writing and go where ever the characters took you?

  47. chichaihana, my YA books (the Ghoul series) are written as Julie Kenner. An upcoming series, The Shadow Keepers, will be written as J.K. Beck. Those books are dark, paranormal romantic suspense, and one of the reasons for the name change is that previously my romances have been humorous contemporary, so the change of tone is part of the decision re the name.

    Larry, I can't podcast Carpe Demon because I don't own the audio rights. Those were sold to BBC America, the publisher of the audiobooks!

  48. So are you ever going to come to Canada (Toronto) for any book signings/readings,

  49. Great interview!! I love the Aphrodite series, particularly the first one (it wins by a narrow margin because of the fun cover). Looking forward to the new series!

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  50. Mountie -- I don't know! It's a long way from Texas!!!

    Joder-that's my fav, too!

  51. Hi, Julie. I enjoyed the interview.

    What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

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  52. My favourite title is The Givenchy Code. I bought the book based on title alone and was not disappointed!

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  53. Hi Julie,

    Great interview, I enjoyed it. I have my copy of Tainted waiting for me at Barnes & Noble (where I happen to work -- and try to order in extra copies of your books for the store whenever I can!). I absolutely love love the Demon Hunter series -- I'm not a mom yet but there is something about Kate Connor that is so appealing and realistic, I feel like she's one of my friends. I'm actually trying to do NaNoWriMo this month, and I'm wondering: Have you ever written yourself into a corner, and how did you charge your creative juices to extricate your characters/plot from that? I worry about that in my own writing.

    I plan on linking this page on facebook.

    Thanks for writing such enjoyable books, Julie!

  54. Great interview!!! With writing so many different series, how do you keep everything from just getting all mashed together?

  55. Demon ex Machina is probably my favorite title. It just has a certain ring to it.

    Also wanted to add that strong, brave women carry swords. lol

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  56. Great interview. I love Julie's books especially the Demon Hunter Soccer Mom series and cant wait to read Demon Ex Machina. I got my niece to read the YA Ghouls series and she loved them too.

    My favorite titles are California Demon and The Good Ghouls Guide to Getting Even.

    Thanks!! Hope to be reading many more.

    Linked on sidebar here:

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  57. I love the idea of podcasting the book! I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and have only seen one other author (Karen Marie Moning) do the same kind of thing. I look forward to checking out your podcasts.
    Also, I like the sound of this new, darker series, and will be checking it out both in print and podcast.

    Thanks Doug and Julie!

  58. Hi Emily! Absolutely, I have. Probably every author has unless they plot it out in intricate detail before hand, and even that's no guarantee. I actually like that kind of puzzle (I'm the odd bird that likes revisions. I like changing Q and then figuring out how to weave it back around to the original story, so that we're flowing into the original around T) so it's not so much a juice thing. But it can be frustrating if you can't figure out how, and often if you're in a corner it's because you're not thinking outside (the corner) of the box. I've had lots of calls with crit partners and friends to talk through sticky plot points, and I really find that having an extra set of eyes on the problem helps. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to see a fix so simple and easy you smack yourself in the forehead and mutter, "duh!"

  59. Heather, I don't really know. I guess it's sort of like having different sets of friends. You just *know* them. That being said, much like my grandmother would sometimes call me Charles (my dad's name), I will occasionally find I've typed in a name from another book even though the character in my head was most definitely the character in the story I'm writing, and they may not even be similar. I also get confused if I change a name late in the game (I realized recently I like C names, and so I had to go in and change a bunch of names on a recent book. In writing the second book in the series, the original names kept popping in. Argh!).

    Also, I found that switching from first person to third person is really hard. I wrote a Blaze right after I finished one of the Blood Lily books, and I found myself writing "I did" this and "I thought" that. Oops!

  60. Booklover -- I have no idea. Having never done one, I certainly hope they're not the deciding factor :)

    That being said, I'm thinking about doing one for the JK Beck books. But there are so many now, I really feel like it needs to be funky and different to get noticed. But maybe that's just me. What do y'all think? Are book trailers important?

  61. SciFiGuy -- no news at the moment, but if you'd all indulge me and cross your fingers, I might have news on the west coast front early in the new year.

    Sara, I do a little of both. I almost always start with a synopsis, and almost always it gets tossed aside early on. What I'll end up doing is plotting out a few scenes or chapters at a time. And I always know where I'm going to end up. If I don't know that, I can't write the book.

  62. Jenn, thanks! I owe Kathleen a lifetime of lattes for thinking that one up (and for not wanting to keep it for herself!)

    ddurance - thanks on the title! I've heard from a few people who don't get it, but most do!

    Donna, thanks! Glad you're enjoying!

    Renee, I hope you enjoy the podcast (and the books!)

  63. Hi Julie!
    you are a new author to me, but your books sound great, especially "Deja Demon" *gg* will definitively check them out!
    wish you all the best,

  64. Personally, I think TAINTED is a very good title.

    It immediatly makes me thing of so many types of stories that the title could cover. I think that was a good choice.

    You write in a variety of genres but have you thought of trying pure Fantasy ? Something like Robin Hobbs,Sar Douglas or Cecilia Dart-Thornton.

    That involves a lot of really involved world building and I would be interested to see how you would do.


  65. I really liked Carpe Demon best (though I just did a review of Tainted, and I loved that, as well!)

    BrigidsBlest at yahoo dot com

  66. I love the title California Demon.
    What's not to love when you can sing along with a book title! I can't get that song out of my head.

  67. For personal reasons and because it introduced me to Julie Kenner, I like the Aphrodite series!


  68. Hi Ina! Hi Buddy! Hi Brigids! Hi Laurie! Hi etirv!

    Buddy, Honestly, I'm not that interested in writing pure fantasy. I like to read it (I'll confess it's not my favorite, though), but when I'm writing, what compels me is "Our world, but different"

  69. Thanks for the great interview!

    I was only familiar with your 'soccer mom' series in passing only, but after reading the first chapter of tainted, it's now firmly on my 'to buy' list.

  70. omgosh! i haven't read your books yet..but i just started reading books again not to long ago, with 3 kids you tend to but that aside. but i miss reading good books and yours look great! im diff going to order yours :) sign me up i would love to win 1 of your books thank you for a great oppt.

  71. JD, that's awesome!

    Victoria, tell me about it. I'm forcing myself to prioritize finding time to read more (and NOT Scary, Scary Halloween and The Phantom Tollbooth aloud!)

  72. Great interview! About the titles- I like all from the "GHOUL" series, especially "The Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even"
    teresa.fav AT

  73. Great interview. I like the title Carpe Demon.


  74. I dont have a favorite since I have not read any of the books but I like the title of Carpe Demon.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  75. i absolutely loved your aprodite series. Can't wait to start reading this new one.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  76. Please enter me.

    This would be a new author for me but she seems to be an author I would enjoy. :)

  77. My favorite so far has been California Demon, but I'd love to read Torn.

    kolists a/t gmail d\t com

  78. my fave title is Tainted it!!1

    thanks so much

    great interview!!

    wadesherry@hotmail dot com

  79. Madwoman-doing-cartwheelsNovember 9, 2009 at 4:28 AM

    These Boots Were Made For Stomping (now the Nancy Sinatra song is in my head) is a great title!

    I am eagerly awaiting your trilogy coming out this summer!

    Thanks for making yourself real to me. I love interviews with authors. It makes a big difference in my interest in a book I'm about to read.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  80. Great interview Julie. Its great when an author such as yourself takes the time to answer your readers questions.

    I was wondering on average how long it takes you to write a book and have you ever had writers block and if so, how long did it last.

    Please enter me in this giveaway.

  81. tweeted

  82. The title I like the most is "The Givenchy Code".

    Thanks ~ megalon22{at}yahoo{dot}com


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